Monday, March 29, 2010


Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

I certainly do.

Anywhere else in California? Not so much. But San Jose, yes, indeedie -- and I'm telling you, that's an important place to know the way to.

That is unless, like me, you have no need whatsoever to be there.

The whole madness of Stitches almost killed me. I knew I was nowhere near ready to go play with the big kids, but I just wanted to go so bad, there was nothing going to stop me.

(Well, apart from San Jose.)

to be continued ...

you are such the tease.
now, how am I going to get THAT tune out of my head. thanks :^D
Yay! You're back! Want to hear ALL about it.
SOOOOO glad to have you back. And ya know? You only learn how to play with the big kids by hanging out with the big kids.

Besides, to me you are a "big kid" already.
And bad directions...don't forget that!
Glad you found your way back home FROM San Jose.

I have trouble finding Stitches and I'm a native San Franciscian. (Which at least is not the same thing as a native San Jose-ian...I imagine I'd have to be embarrassed in that case but as it is I can just act smug and superior and pretend it isn't a BIT hard to find Union Square...)
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