Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Bunnie Has Landed

Made it here to Stitches. It took forever and now I have to fall on my face. Setup is in um, six hours ...

Better report tomorrow -- I just wanted you to know I was alive, and stuff.

Alive is good. Have, um, fun?
Yay, you made it! Yay, you're alive! Hope you find a soft place to land, even (especially?) if it does have to be on your face. Have fun up there!
Glad you're stuff. Looking forward to a report.
See you tonight - or tomorrow - or sometime this weekend!
Alive good. Stuff...maybe better!
Oh, and I got my lovely SF3 yarn this week--thank you thank you thank you! Ellanie
Glad you're alive! Wish I were there to come hit up your booth for yummy yarn :)
I am glad to hear of your continued liveliness. Good luck at the show.
Looking for your booth but not having any luck. Please post booth number
I am cussing up a storm.

Another person I want to meet in person will be two hours south of me and I pick this year not to pop down for a day.

Gr. I hope you sell out and if I could be there I'd totally make a purchase.
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