Thursday, January 21, 2010


You Know, When I Was Your Age ...

Oh hell, I don't care what happened when I was your age apart from the fact that it involved me walking five miles, barefoot, in the snow. Uphill both ways!

Today it's all about me.

You see, it's my birthday. I'm 48. (And no matter what they say, I don't look a day over 62.)

I don't make New Year's resolutions, as a rule. Oh, I think about them, I start formulating them, but because I have an ego larger than my ass the New Year for me starts today, on my birthday. This is the day I make resolutions. Even if I don't do it on paper, or even say it out loud; it happens.

This year I resolve:

To grab every opportunity that comes my way

To travel, meet the people I love online in real life and to expand my horizons

To take Great Big Bites of life*

To honour my instincts

To accept the fact that I know some stuff and that I can actually teach others (I have a series of dyeing workshops coming up that I was getting a little hinky about)

To call my friends and family more often

To eat bacon as often as is humanly possible

To dance, to sing, and to laugh at every chance

To point out to assholes that they're being assholes and to not tolerate their assholery

To honour my commitments

To shave my fucking legs at least once

To get the tattoo I've been dreaming of for years

To reduce my need for "stuff" and to throw out about half of what I own

To buy pants that fit

To listen to my daughter, because she's freakin' brillant. And to make her get off the phone before 9pm every night

There. That's it.

I think it's time for this whole "life" thing to be fun again. You going to join me on the ride? **

*This is in honour of my best friend who, when he was my age, had already been dead five years.

**you must be this tall to ride


PS The word verification for this comment is "bimpoo", just thought you should know.
Happy Birthday!! Love your post today! Smile and know that today is just the begining of an even more fun ride. ;-)
yeah, yeah, snow, barefoot, hills... but was there a blizzard, and vultures??

Great resolutions, especially the assholery one. Think I'll borrow that one.
Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!! Those are some great resolutions; I wish you all the best with them and am quite sure they have been chosen for maximum happiness.
Best list of resolutions I've ever seen!!
when Rick was your age, he'd been gone 5 months. but damn he lived a helluva lot of life in the years he had.
love you, you glorious old bitch.
My birthday wish for you is that your dreams and resolutions happen in a way that satisfies your soul.

Merry Happy! Looking forward to seeing you at Stitches West.
Brilliant! And when you find those pants that fit, please tell us where you found them. . .
Happy Birthday! And yah, save me a seat on the ride...
Wonderful list of birthday resolutions!
PS My verification word is phagi, which ought to mean something.
All the cool girls have birthdays this month.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!! from an otherwise silent blog reader. I love reading your blog. Thanks for the giggle while reading you resolutions... Enjoy your day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY! Can't wait to give you a squeeeeeeze!
Happy Birthday Dear Bunneh! Sounds like a great bunch of plans for the years to come...
(btw.. my verification was "nosevil".. hmmm)
I'm in - if only for the bacon thing... happy birthday!
Happy Birthday. I have gotten much better at calling out assholes (or just crankier and less tolerant of assholery? great word btw) so I particularly enjoyed that resolution. My verification word is wookat. Perhaps that will be my G rated/mixed company "curse" word for the day since tartar sauce and Mother of pearl (courtesy of SpongeBob) are getting a little tired.
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

January is a very good month to have a birthday in. :0)
Happy birthday!

I can provide you with unlimited bacon, but I ain't shaving my legs.
Happy Birthday. Welcome into the realm of the crone. It's all about eating bacon and telling off assholes.
Came for the party, stayed for the word verification "juarda"
Happy birthday!! And many many more. I would love to be one of those people you meet IRL this year, but I have no idea how that would happen - given that I live in the middle of everywhere but not on the way to anywhere. But if we did meet I am sure it would be one of my life's more memorable experiences. Thank you for being you for another year.
Happy Birthday! I will go home tonight, pull out the Black Watch yarn I bought from you at Sock Summit and give it a nice stroke and a kiss *mwah!*

(Can I be you when I grow up?)
Happy Happy Day to You, BunnyGirl!
When I was your age.. hell, it was 8 yrs ago, fuck all if I know.
Raising my glass to you and your honoured friend, cheers!
and yes, I AM that tall.
and since everyone has been having such a good time with the word verifications (they've been outstanding here today)... tainale.
sounds like something you could yell at an asshole.
Happy birthday! :)
When you were my age, you were still young! Bwahahahaha....

Srsly, have a wonderful birthday full of booze, hookers and blow. Or at least some nice yarn.
Dammit, I'm probably too short. But I'll sneak in and say, "Happy Birthday!" And then run like hell...

Happy birthday! I love your list, and if I had any brains I'd liberate a couple of those myself.
I particularly like the dance/laugh/sing part, and being less tolerant of assholery. Is it just me, or is jerky behaviour rampant? Perhaps my attitude just proves that I'm old...

Have a great one!
Happy Birthday! When you were my age, it was two years ago. ;-)

My verification word says it all:

Happy, happy, happy birthday, dear Rabbitch. May all your resolutions come true, may the place to which you move be the bestest, may you be richly blessed this coming year.
And may all your colorways continue to rock.
Hope you have (had) a GREAT day, you deserve every bit of it!!!
Happy Birthday, Darlin'!! I didn't know it was your special day, but I'll have something for you next week (and even in the mail). I'll be joining you on your ride, partly because my ass is even larger than yours. I especially like the "calling friends and family more often" part of the ride. :)

If I had a phone book, I'd send you the hooker/dancer/entertainer/blow job giver person of your choice, but since I don't (and don't have the money anyway), I'll give you me.

I love you, baby girl.
Happy birthday! And yes, yes, yes, to the resolutions. Let's live large, baby, cause this is the one chance we know we get. Celebrate your day -- oh heck, celebrate every day :)
I love your resolutions, I may even adopt a few of them myself.

Happy Birthday!
I have one word to say about shaving your legs: stubble.

Above all, stay minty fresh! Happy birthday!
Count me in!! And happy birthday again! (At least I *think* I remembered to wish you on the day of--if not, I'm sorry!)
Geez, and here I thought I was the only one who had to walk to school in a blizzard, with plastic bags held up by rubber bands in my boots and up hill both ways for three miles.

Happy Birthday! I hope your resolutions hit the mark and you save some bacon for the rest of us.
Happy Belated.

MMMM Bacon! You go girl.
Jeanne - was that "parti" or
"Part I"?

Either way, go for it!

P.S. We had to wait for the bus - standing still in the wind, in thin cotton skirts.
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