Friday, January 29, 2010


Never Felt This Way Before

Relax, I'm not about to announce that I've fallen madly in love.

Or at least, not with a person. I've recently become enamoured of felting. Behold, my first attempt, in all its glory:

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This is the bowl, top view, before several trips through my washing machine.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

And here it is from the side.

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And again, from the top, after being abused.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

And the finished side view.

It's nowhere near perfect, there's still a little stitch definition to be seen, but I'm pretty pleased with it for a first attempt.

The bowl is about 7-1/2" across and 2-1/4" high, made from yarn I bought at the Puyallup fair many moons ago (and which actually made its debut on this blog, but I'm too lazy to go back and find the reference).

I've been doing more than just abusing yarn in the washing machine, though. I'm busy getting ready for Stitches West, to which I am going with my friend Tracy from Crafting for the Peanut Gallery.

I've also been dropping furniture on myself. A big heavy pine futon frame, on top of my bare foot. It was very sexy, and although no bones were broken, there was much creative cursing. Right after the air cleared I, of course, had to create a new colourway to commemorate the bruising. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as the yarn implies, but y'all know how I like to exaggerate stuff.

Behold, "Stupid Friggin' Futon Frame", or "SF3":

sf3 003
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There are five skeins of this available in my store right now. Unfortunately that's all that's there. I've been skeining like mad all day and should have another update tomorrow, but a certain young lady went out to a birthday party tonight and swiped my camera.

She's home now, but even with the use of my new skein winder (purchased from Crazy Monkey Creations at the Sock Summit last summer), I'm pretty much thrashed for the day.

There are many many stories to tell, and now I'm not as crazy I'll share ... but for now I think I need to grab a beer and a trashy novel, get into a nice hot bath, and not think about yarn or fiber for a few hours.

Maybe while I'm asleep I'll figure out how the hell I missed noticing a Rubbermaid bin with 40 skeins of yarn that I've already dyed in it. It's only been sitting in the living room for, oh, six or seven months now ...

Have a good night, and see you tomorrow. And don't let the futon get you.

That futon must have left a lovely bruise, because the yarn is fantastic!
Fabulous little bowl, they ARE fun.
SF3.. so there WERE some bloody bits to the injury. glad nothing was broken, dayum just thinking about the pain.
Those rubbermaid bins are pretty sly with the hiding/blending in.
Futons are dangerous. Remind me to tell you the one about how our futon almost killed our kid once (not kidding here). I don't trust it anymore, and it lives with its back against a wall, unmoving.

The yarn's gorgeous, though! And the trashy novel, beer, and bath sound just about perfect.
As usual, I love your color sense.
And your humor sense.

I wish I were not almost broke for the next two and one half weeks, because if there were money available, I would be adding SF3 to my stash, and I am very particular about what makes it's way in there.

Thank you.
I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, but that yarn is GORGEOUS!! You are amazing! And I have missed far too many blog posts.

(i can't remember any of my sign in passwords)
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