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No cute titles, no silly posts here. Just something serious, and quite horrible

I think Stephanie said it well when she said "If you're like me, you're too busy being grateful that you're not a mother in Port au Prince right now."

I had been going to go to Dressew here in Vancouver next week. They have yarn for $1.99 a ball. Regia. The big ones. Big enough for two socks. One freakin' dollar and ninety-nine cents. I figured I'd get ten or so.

I've been stressed; we're moving (not by choice) and we don't know where we're going to live in April. I'm getting ready for Stitches West, and there are a bunch of other things going on (the little black dog of depression has bitten my ass more than once). I figured I should have a treat. They have some fluffy green mohair stuff that my daughter would like for a scarf, too.

But you know what? I may not know where I'll be living in April, but I know where I'm living tonight. And tomorrow. And next week. And I know where my family is living. And that they're living.

I'm blessed. And I don't need any more damned yarn.

I sent my yarn money to Doctors Without Borders (website for Canada here, for USA here and other countries can find their site here) this afternoon. All donations are gratefully received. If you are able to donate, please, when you go to the website and get the drop-down menu, choose "Greatest Need" or "Emergency Relief" as the target for your donation. That way they will be able to apply the funds where they will do the greatest good.

This is a country that is so poor that even before the earthquake they were eating mud. I have no idea how they will survive this.

Perhaps, with our help, they can.

I know money is tight; we've all just come through the holidays, and I'm not trying to guilt anyone into doing anything -- taking care of your own families and making sure they're housed and fed and warm comes first.

But if you can ... please do.

(And if you're a reader of Stephanie's blog and you are able to donate, please let her know so that she can update the Knitters Without Borders donation totals.)

Thank you for reading this, and for caring.

been there done that (donated and emailed Stephanie)
Yeah, just when you had a good idea of just what 'world of hurt' was.
Thanks for this post. Already done. We do take a lot for granted, don't we?
Sorry about the black dog. Apparently there are at least two of them, as he's been here, too. I just came to read you after I'd already visited the MSF site. A high school friend of my daughter's lives and works in Haiti. I haven't seen him in a number of years, but I'm waiting for an email response from him and praying that there is one.
It helps that I know where my own children and grandchildren are, but that seems somehow selfish at the same time.
My Grandmother used to say, "Whenever you think you have it bad, just remember there's always someone out there who is much worse off than you are". Wise words to live by.
Yup. Did it. Thanks for posting about it, too.
Even I will comment on this one. Yes, I donated fifty dollars to the Red Cross.

This sort of thing hits a little bit too close to home for me, anyway. Sunday (Jan. 17) is the 15th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake and fire. I was not in the city, but I was nearly run off the road driving to a ski resort at the time. That will be a morning long remembered -- I had wanted to go volunteer, but I couldn't even get down there. It was 150 miles away, and all the transportation was stopped, all roads into the city blocked. I felt sort of helpless. I don't want to feel that way now.
Love you woman. That's all.
CPaAG on Rav is doing a fund raise going to DWB. I've pitched in there & at DWB. I'm really glad that so many have as well.
i gave through the harlot's blog, but i wish i could give $10 more for each cruel, stupid word that pat robertson or rush limbaugh has said about the haiti situation. what wastes of oxygen those two are.

(btw, i was happy to see you pop back up from the hole i feared you'd fallen into, dear rabbitch.)
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