Saturday, December 05, 2009


In Case Y'all Are Wondering ...

... what I'm up to, while I'm making you wait for the story about how I lost my virginity in Denny's ...

I'm getting ready for Stitches West.

Booth's paid for, no room is booked, no travel arrangements are made, but the booth's paid for. And there will be yarn.

I do so hope that all of you in the area will stop by and say hey.

Did I mention that there will be yarn?

You'll be there???!!!

I will definitely stop by to say hello! I'm not going to have a booth but I will be helping to man the booth of Little Red Bicycle yarns.
I may still come - if I can. I want so badly to see you and get a hug and kiss.

Was the loss of your virginity a Grand Slam, a Meat Slam, or a side order of sausage?

I'm digging through my stash bag (still haven't gone through that one yet) and will mail you that cria ASAP. Hey... when next week is a good time to voice? I have unlimited LD, too. :)

Love you, my slender little sweet cheeks.
pfffft! Well, that's way too far away for the travel budget!

Can you sleep in the booth?
Booth, camp cot, you're good.

P.S. The security word for this comment was "probt." Thought it was funny. It almost sounds like a real word: "I made some cookies at, at the last minute, probt some raisins in." See?
I'd forgotten about stitches west. i guess that's what happens when i stop reading blogs. :)

hope you sell LOTS of yarn!

Merry Christmas, dear Rabbitch. Hope the coming year holds much goodness for you and yours. Hugs!
How exciting! I really need to get to stitches someday.
Happy New Year!!
At this point I'd think we'd all be happy just knowing if you survived the holidays my dear.

Let us know.
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