Sunday, November 22, 2009



Dear friends, I am suffering from ennui. This line, from a book I am reading, sums it up very well.

"Annie had yearned her whole life for a fond forgotten home that never was."

I'm far better than I was, the hamthrax flu browncowitis pneumonia is gone, but the ennui remains. There may also be some schadenfreude lingering.

I'm functioning and working but I've lost more weight (which wasn't such a good thing) and I need to spend the next couple of days sleeping.

I have, however, come up with a new colourway and as soon as I figure how to post it (maybe later today) it'll be here. It's along the lines of Revenge but better.

No, rilly.

Now go do something useful while I sleep and try to get ok again, all right?

Take it easy and be nice to yourself. It takes a LOT of energy to fight off a serious illness, and lots of rest to recuperate some of that energy. We will all be here when you come back, wouldn't miss it for the world.

You and Sylvia Path. I understand. I think I have had a case of ennui for a while now.

Sleep and rest sweet rabbitch; I hope you and your ennui are feeling better soon. Can't wait to hear the name of the new colourway!
glad to see that you're back, even if your cottontail still is dragging!
Hmm. Better than Revenge. A Schadenfreude colorway? I just hope it isn't a flu-related color combination.
I think Ennui is a shirt tail cousin of Henri, from the East. I hear if you feed him grits with pepper he will go home.
Pneumonia is bad. Rest is good. Hang in there and feel better soon, and I'll try to go and find something useful to do in your stead. Can't wait to see the new color!
But....but I don't wanna go away, Auntie Rabbitch. I wanna hang around with you and do hackup-a-lung duets.

verif word: panfigh New colorway?
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