Monday, November 16, 2009


Dear Interwebs:

Please excuse Rabbitch for being absent, but she has been sic (sic).


Those of you who have friended me on Facebook are aware from my endless whining updates that I've been battling the ick for a couple of weeks now. For the rest of you, here's the summary:

Started with sort of a cold, went into flu (possibly Hamthrax, didn't get swabbed) then ended up with bronchitis/pneumonia type stuff, because clearly I'm an overachiever.

For the first time in five years I actually caved and went to the clinic and am now taking antibiotics. Clarithromycin. It's very nasty (and very expensive) stuff, but it seems to be working. There has been a horrible taste in my mouth for about a week now, which I'm hoping proves that it's working. The whole being able to breathe and talk again thing is also a good indication that it's working.

I'm sleeping -- a LOT -- and working, also a lot, and I should be back on my paws again within a few days. I promise I'll come up with something more entertaining to post.

For now ... it's back to bed, for morning (and my next shift at work) comes early.

ICK. Sorry you've been sick. Hurry up and get better!
I'd hug you because I missed you but I don't want to get Hamthrax.
Get well soon, Your Yarniness--your adoring public misses you deeply.
Sorry you have been under the weather, but at least on the "right side of the dirt" get well and cedar
Oh, yeurgh! That's no fun at all. Feel better soon!
Yep, the bad taste means that it is working. It will make you feel tired too (I`m on this quite often.) Fet well soon!
My Mom says first you're afraid you're gonna die, then you're afraid you're going to live. A sure sign that you're on the mend. Yogurt helps your system get back to normal after antibiotics.
Ya never woulda got sick if you'd been eatin yer grits!

Take care of yourself for a change, girlie. Get all better before you start up with the crazy schedule.
Hope you're soon feeling all hoppy again, and that you avoid the FYI* that is sometimes a side effect of antibio's.

(*F--kin' Yeast Infection)
Blargh! Feel better soon.
Ditto on the yogurt, and take it _during_ the antibiotics, too. I've had walking pneumonia, it's not fun. Take all the meds and if there's the slightest hint of not-quite-right afterwards, get another series. There are already reports of drug-resistant strains.
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