Saturday, October 10, 2009


So How Was Your Day?

Me, I've still got lots to tell but I've been busy.

Let's see, my car is still in need of work (I think either another engine mount has gone or the almost-new transmission is fucked -- knowing my luck it's both), I've discovered that the District, who owns my house, wants to knock it down (fortunately not with me in it; they've given me lots of time to move. Haha! Does anyone know of a large house in North Vancouver, complete with studio, that I can get for under $1300 a month? No, I didn't think so), my kid has been sick so I've had her underfoot riding the Drama Llama for several days, and oh yes, I'm making something special for someone and tonight I spun about five yards of mulberry silk.

It wasn't so much spinning as careful and painful twisting, inch by inch, because I really needed the silk and it really needed not to be a wreck and I really didn't have time to learn how to spin silk because I need it right away.

So I twisted it, slowly, carefully, painfully (OK, not so much pain; it was fun, I'm just using that poetic license thing here) and set the twist and then dyed it an amazing shade of a deep, deep burgundy red sort of thingie.

And then, while pouring out the excess dye, the silk (which is slippery) flooped out of the pot and disappeared down the bathroom sink which has no little mesh junk-catcher thing in it.

So now I have red hands, a broken car, I'm soon to have no home (and I've got to pack and MOVE all of this shit!) and there are five yards of beautiful silk somewhere down a sink that the District won't repair because they want me to move.

So hi. I'm fine and I'm still here but it's a little ... fraught around here today.

So how you doing? (someone pass me a beer, will you?)

Wish I could help, but I'm not local anymore!
Oh, my condolences. For me, the moving would be the worst tragedy, but the silk down the drain would feel like the worst tragedy! I hope you have found a way to rescue it!
Here's a vodka and tonic, on the house.
What a bummer of a day. Since there are no words (and I have no housing knowledge for Vancouver) hugs to you and your drama llama.
o man, anything I ever thought was wrong around here just got sooo much better. I'm so so sorry about the silk! How awful. And your house. And your daughter. And your car. Not necessarily all in that order. Woe! I have Moose Drool beer in teh fridge if you're coming down this way.
That my dear is just craptastic. I hope you are able to find another fabu home w/o tooooo much angst and fraught.
About the same. Except without silk. Oh, and it's been Zinfandel. But I know what you mean. Hang in there!! (And seriously? You have to move for reals?)
sending you all good househunting vibes. and jesus h. christ on a pogo stick, it's about damned time the universe cut you a break, eh?
Here's the last of the Oktoberfest homebrew from last weekend's party. Best of luck getting the rest of your list.
Does it have a P-trap? I've rescued many an earring from the bathroom drain . . .
Gawd! I would be a pathetic whimpering puddle on the floor about now. Good on you for still being able to type.
Jebus on a cracker, that is one sucky chain of events. I'll be raising a glass to you. Be brave, Rabbitch!
I don't know if the silk will be usable if you get it out, but if you haven't already run a bunch of water down the sink, there's a chance it's still in the U-bend, which I have recently learned is pretty easy and straightforward to take apart and put back together. Get yourself a pail or something to catch the water + an online tutorial with pics, and be prepared for the water to smell pretty foul, but it might be worth it.
Wow, you don't need beer, you need scotch at the very least. Really good scotch.

And then after you get the scotch, you straighten out a wire hanger and go fishing for the silk. It'll be hilarious.
Argh! (Have you tried an untwisted wire coathanger with one end bent into a tiny hook, shoved down the drain?)

Hugs to all, including the drama llama.

Down. The. Sink?!!!! Other than those three words, I'm speechless. Oh, and those seven words. And those five. And those three.

Huh. This "speechless" thing isn't really working for me.
The good thing about a shitty period in life is knowing it'll get better. Usually.
Hmmm, how about a stiff drink for yourself and have the drama llama fish around the drain for the silk?
Wow, that;s a lot to deal with in a day! *hands over pint*
Eep ... just ... eep!

Here, have some sympathy and beer ...
Okay, that's just enough. I've had it. Karma better quit kicking you in the arse or I am going to be seriously annoyed here!

If I were there I'd hand you a beer. I seriously think someone should come up with a "Beer Gift Certificate"
Beer Gift Certificates! That's a great idea! But we'd need to know where to send them.
What weight was the silk you twisted, and how much of it was there? I just want to know exactly how sad I should be (and how much imaginary beer I should send you).
Hello, gorgeous. Glad to see you still in one piece. :)
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