Friday, October 30, 2009


Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

Or $5? Or a scarf?

Yet again, my buddy Norma is doing a thingie for the Red Scarf Project. I'm in a rush here (at work, stealthblogging in between misdirecting calls) so there's no linky-loo there, but there are links all over Norma's page, 'cause she's like that.

Anyhow, they've gotten about 20% of the hoped-for number of scarves, I believe, and they're far, far short of their monetary goal, also. If you've got time to knit a scarf (shut up, there is no Christmas Knitting going on) or a spare $5 (or more) ... won't you go help a girl out? There are tons of fabulous prizes, and, of course, there's the glory ...

Thank you, m'dear. They listened. It's been a good day all the way around -- including I really found my studying groove today, too. Not to mention, I (sort of) made dinner, rather than eat out, to save a few buckos. Soon I could be on a starving student's budget. Eek. But anyhoo....
Thanks for the reminder! :)
Funny you mention it. I handed a cold, shivering person my last $5 outside of the grocery this evening.
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