Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Sun Is Shining ...

... or at least it was earlier today. The birds were singing, too.

The alpacas were humming, the goats were eating everything in sight, the sheep were fighting (well, only two of them), everything except the bunnies was bellowing and Franklin was knitting.

Day one of OFFF was very successful. I came away with three small bags of fibre (and only two nasty emails from my husband).

All in all an excellent day. Off to sleep to prepare for more sheep-patting tomorrow.

Say hi to Franklin from me, and to anyone else you may see that I know.
And stay away from Denny's!
Barb B
Man, you have your fiber festival when it's cool, and we have ours in August when it's 90 F with 88% humidity. How we manage to buy anything wool in August I will never understand!
Maybe hubby needs some fiber to cure the cranky emails? Hmmm.
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