Thursday, August 20, 2009


The View From The Top

Or perhaps from the Summit.

I guess I've had long enough to process some of the Sock Summit thingie and it's time to post about it -- but where does one start?

The experience of a vendor is vastly different from that of an attendee. This is not to say that I have anything bad at all to say about it. Much to the contrary, this was one of the most amazing events I've had the privilege to participate in, and I owe y'all a report.

The problem right now is that I've been living on caffeine, no sleep, and the scraps of food gleaned from the kitchen floor for several days now. I leave on Saturday morning at half-past sparrowfart for Gibson's Fibre Fest. I am, as usual, in no way prepared.

I've been up for 26 hours straight right now, dyeing and ... oh hell, I must have been doing other shit but it doesn't come to mind right now. My kitchen is mostly clean so I must have done that too.

I'm as crazy as a sack of hamsters on crack. The good kind of crazy; the Summit kicked the rest of the bad crazy out of me, bigtime and I want to share it, in fact I need to.

But right now, as I sit here, covered in dye and sweat, I really can't do the experience justice. And also too if I don't go to bed I'm going to start barfing up lungs or something.

There's a lot to do tomorrow (well duh) but I'm back on Sunday.

I promise ... on Sunday I shall tell you of the vending, the spending, and most importantly of the mending.

Until then ... knit a sock for me, I'll be back for breakfast*

*extra points to anyone who gets the reference

I didn't realise that Ace had travelled that far.

Sleep and food are good but I'm not sure you are so far gone as to benefit from smoked sock.
I'll smoke you a kipper while I'm at it!
Smoke me a kipper ;)
(Although maybe as a Brit I have an unfair advantage) x
Smoke me a kipper.
Glad the bad crazies have gone. Enjoy the good crazies.
It was great sharing SS with you. You started out a whacked out starey eyed broad, and ended up your old whacked out self. It was good to see! Glad you're back.
I'm far more likely to knit a sock, than to smoke you a kipper.

Ace Rimmer: Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas. Whatever! Loved to hate Ace Rimmer...or was it just the wig I hated?
Knitting a sock sounds much better than smoked kippers, doesn't it?
I agree, knitting a sock is much more my style than smoking you a kipper! I need to watch Red Dwarf again, it has been awhile.
I'm clearly missing out on a good reference, alas. Have fun at the fiber festival, and welcome back!
No problem waiting for your report. Your perspective on things is always so interesting.

On the Red Dwarf front, did you know that supposedly there were 3 new episodes released in Britain this year called Back to Earth. I'm so excited.
"It's not easy, you know, to come in every night, look in that mirror and see a guy nobody likes."
so glad to hear about the mending!
i could use a lot of mending myself.

Well shit, I was beaten to the punch (again).

It was so cool to get to hang out with you at SS for the little time that we did. We'll definitely have to lengthen our visiting time, maybe I'll have to crash your dyepot some day. ;)
Smoke me a kipper :-)

@Zardra - yep, there was a new set broadcast earlier this year. BBC2 made a whole week of it :-) It wasn't bad actually, if a bit randomly self-referential and twisted :-D
What, no kippers?
seriously, one of the best shows ever!
So glad to hear that Sock Summit was so good.
Oh where oh where has the Raaa-aabitch gone, oh where oh where can she beeee???
Hey kiddo. Are you smoking kippers or dyeing yarn, or smoking socks???
I LOVE my Revenge Sock Yarn that Kathy picked up for me at Sock Summit. I finally got to buy something from Rabbitch! Can't wait to cast on.

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