Friday, August 14, 2009


Over The Hills and Far Away

Well, I've been back a few days and have had time to draw a breath or two so it's time to leap back into the world.

The first day I got home, well, there had been a misunderstanding. My father sat by the phone all day waiting for me to call so he could come pick me up (I have absolutely no recollection of any such arrangement), Barb went well out of her way to return me to my abode and then I ran about feeling guilty and apologizing to everyone in sight while trying to peel the nine-year-old limpet that was my daughter off of my leg.

And then Little Miss I Only Sleep Four Hours A Night (that's me) went to bed. And stayed there. For fifteen hours. I think they might have thought I was dead.

I've had a few days to regroup and I have learned a number of things.

1. That thing in the kitchen upon which I heat water so I can dye yarn -- did y'all know it can be used for heating food, too?

2. The natual colour of my hands is not magenta. Neither is it navy, scarlet, purple, chartreuse or lavender. They're actually quite boring.

#. When I am out of town, my family reverts back to its wild state. I can only assume they were living on Cheetos and Dr. Pepper as, apart from a couple of lonely rice cakes and half a box of granola bars, there was nothing resembling food in the house. I had left money in the bank in case they ran out of anything but apparently I'm the only one who can work something as high-tech as feet to get to the grocery store (our car is deceased and cannot be resurrected but it's only a mile each way to walk. It's not like we trek in from Irkutsk or something). Not that I'm bitter.

(((. Apparently whilst not eating anything but Cheetos and Dr. Pepper my family managed to dirty every dish in the house and leave them all awaiting my return. Some for the entire five days. Now that I have recovered my strength There Will Be Words (yeah, I know I've been complaining for years but I've really had enough of this shit).

b. It's completely reasonable, after having spent an utterly exhausting week on your feet Amongst Your People, to schedule another Fibre Fest in um, eight days or something. (If you're around, pop in and say "hi". I'll be there only one day, Saturday the 22nd, in the Artisan's Market rather than the Merchant Market. Not that I'm all artisany and stuff but that's where they had room.)

To clarify: I didn't schedule the fest, I scheduled my attendance thereat.

*&#. If you happen to decide to ship your yarn back from another country, and if you need that yarn for another fest in aah, actually 7 days, that yarn will not be delivered to your home, even if you spent $45us to ship it home, and you will therefore have to heat up that food-heating device and dye some more yarn just in case. Whilst also felting soap and figuring out transportation (see note re: deceased vehicle above -- but I think I'm getting another this weekend).

I have many, many things to say about the Sock Summit now that I have had time to ponder. I don't have so much in the way of photos seeing my laptop and camera still refuse to talk to each other, but I'm pretty sure there will be some on other blogs -- I'll link as I find them.

For now, I'm going to go wash more dishes (I know, shut up) and then put some food on top of that warming device and see if I can't come up with something edible.

More tomorrow.

hi-I recently found your blog while looking for info on how to get rid of moths in llama fleece-you are way too funny--love your way of looking at things(and by the way will be working with the moth problem this weekend-my family wants to know what the hairy stuff in the freezer is, though)thanks for the chuckles-I'll stay tuned....
Isn't it amazing how various normally-sentient beings revert to being incapable of turning on a faucet to wash any dish when you are gone? And the color of your hands at Sock Summit...definitely not magenta, navy, scarlet, purple, chartreuse or lavender. I saw them! Glad to have met you in Portland.
Coming home to dirty dishes = a bad thing. Not to mention coming home to a not-delivered package of yarn. But I'm glad you were at Sock Summit so I could actually meet you! I can verify, btw, that your hands are just normal-colored hands ;)
I can relate. It is so fun to go somewhere that fills your soul and your brain and fries your circuits with overload. And you are so sad to leave, and so glad to get home. And then you survey the landscape and wonder why you wanted to come home at all.

Cinderella's coach always turns back into a pumpkin - and she lived happily ever after anyway. (Though she might not have to do the dishes).
Not to give you a big head or anything, but you were mentioned twice in the 'things i regret' thread in the ss09 group on ravelry. people regretted not meeting you. (I didn't regret not meeting you as I met you and sold you a winder.) I bet you had no idea of your famousity. (although I don't know how people could've missed you as you were standing on that hard concrete floor in your booth most of the time.)
No rush, but not having gone, I am reading all about it and I await your version of it all. When you are good and ready.
I'm glad I met you in your booth after reading your blog all this time. Don't you just love returning to a bigger mess than you left? We should have stayed in Portland longer.
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