Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Oh Looosy! You've Got Some Skeining To Do!

Well, here we are on Sock Summit Eve.

Isn't it cool? Isn't it nifty? Are you excited?

Are you having a nervous breakdown? I certainly am. In fact I'm having two; they're small.

Am I the only "artiste" who has realized that there is no possible way she has enough yarn and although she is sure to return home with every single skein unsold, and also although she is leaving town (and in fact country) in eight hours, she Must Dye More Yarn?

I thought so. It is all about me, after all.

So yeah, I've got about half as much yarn as I'd hoped to do, and maybe 25% of the soap I'd hoped to felt. I'm losing it completely. I have shipped three large boxes of yarn to Big Alice. All three of those boxes have arrived in Portland, to be delivered tomorrow and the fourth box I shipped, which is full of felted soap and handmade lavender sachets, was deposited on her porch early this evening.

(Don't you just love this interwebs thing? I've never met the woman and have happily shipped x-number-of-dollars worth of product to her without a second thought. She told me earlier tonight she was secretly selling it all on eBay before I get there.)

In fact if you know where she lives you can likely run over and steal all of my yarn tomorrow morning and then I can just buy some beer and turn around and drive back home and stop pretending I'm a yarnista. That would work quite well for me, Thanks In Advance.

My father, who has by his actions greatly ameliorated much of the animosity I feel towards him on a regular basis, is picking me up at oh-dark-45 (did you know there was a 6:45 in the morning? Who invented that, FFS?) and is driving me out to Abbotsford where I will meet my partner in crime, Barb, from Wild Geese Fibres and we will head to the border, where we shall either sail right through (as I did the other day with my lovely brand-new passport) or sit there for fourteen hours explaining to them that we're knitting afghans, not Afghans (this is not to imply that there is anything wrong with Afghans, I just can't knit one), and that we are more to be pitied than feared and that we really are going to a knitting conference and we should be let through before we start crying.

I'm taking my trusty new (to me, although really quite old) laptop and will attempt to blog throughout the madness. That is, if I can get it to talk to either of my cameras or my thumb drive (which I seem to have lost anyhow so it's a moot point really).

So if you're going to the Summit, come visit us. If we make it through the border we'll be there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in Booth 729, either with far too much yarn or none at all.

There will also be some of my yarn over at the Yarny Goodness booth (#417). Stop by and say "hey" to my girl Pam. You'll be able to recognize her quite easily; she'll be the vendor pretty much covered with my drool the entire show, seeing she's one of The Best People Evar and also she's willing to let me smooch on her on a regular basis.

I'm also apparently making an appearance in the Color Me Crazy booth on Saturday morning at 11:30. I have no idea what I'm doing there; you can't exactly demo dyeing and I don't think I have anything interesting to say, but I'll be sure to stutter and turn red and maybe fall over my own feet (I'm socially inept). Come watch, it'll be fun, and it'll be cool to tell the grandkids about the time you saw a woman spontaneously combust.

No srsly, how often do you get to see that?

And now I'm going to check my emails, see what the heck I promised to the good folks organizing the Summit in the way of door prizes and auction things (I'm praying madly that I've already dyed it), pack the rest of this yarn, admit to myself that the time has come for me to stop this and then maybe felt ten more soaps, drink two beers and fall on my head for three or four hours of sleep.

See you there!

Have a great time, Bon Vendor Bad Vendor!!!!
Just tell them you're knitting blankets.
For sure don't tell those border people you are going to "sell" anything in the USofA! That willmake them turn you right around I'm afraid...have fun and good luck with all that yarn.
You'll be selling at least one skein to me, even though I can't be there. I'm sending my trusty friend, Kathy in San Jose to choose something for me. I asked her to find me something 'fun' - as in signature Rabbitch colors or name. Can I leave it to you as to what 'fun' is?

Have a great time! Say Hi to Mrs. Quimby, Big Alice, and Beentsy for me. I wish I could be there to meet all of you!
I can't go!! But I drool over the thought of your unseen yarny goodness. Have a great and wonderful time, sell everything and leave them wanting more... (and if you have a skein or two leftover by some small miracle you know who to tell)
Yeah, I had that panic attack a week ago when my winder took a dump and I had about 50-60 skeins still to wind and a bunch of other stuff to do. We left on Sunday and I'm still not sure we got everything. But we got everything that we're going to put in the booth (because that's all we've brought!)

Come by 1212 and say hi when you're all set up!
Big Alice is good people. Give her big hugs from her evil twin.
I can't make it to the Marketplace until Sat afternoon and I'm hoping you'll still have yarn left! Obviously I'm optimistic for you and pessimistic for me.

Actually I am keeping it ALL FOR MYSELF
I'm here! I'm here! Literally sitting in the Portland airport right now this very minute. You'll definitely be seeing me, since I need to get some yarn from the woman who kindly dyed me my very own linguistic colorway ;)
I hope you sell out.....but not so soon that it's embarrassing. Enjoy your trip.
wish i coulda been there, but my son moved out of the portland hippie hovel, so i lost my free room and board, putting the summit out of budgetary range.

here's wishing you an easy hop across the border, a nice hutch in which to lay your weary head for, oh probably 4 or 5 hours a night, and lots of lettuce in your bank account when sock summit ends.

(and here's hoping there's a sock summit east next year -- i've already started lobbying stephanie to stage it in indianapolis.)
My thoughts are with you - this is a "really big deal" event and you will be a vital part of it. How exciting!
Nah, Big Alice isn't gonna sell your yarn. She's giving half of it to me!
you go girl!! enjoy! i predict sold out of everything!

Quite possibly the best title EVER. Just sayin'. :)
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