Monday, June 15, 2009



Ok, so it isn't a real post, but I'm getting ready for the Victoria Fibre Fest and working full-time and Joy's coming to see me in about um, ten days or something and I have a new (very old, but new to me) couch and bed coming on Wednesday morning and I don't have anywhere to put them and I'm sort of bonkers.

So, while you're waiting for me to rejoin the land of the living ... here's a little gigglesnort I picked up from a friend on Facebook today.

You're welcome.

You know, I feel so much better for that!
holy shit, that was funny.
Thank you -- we all needed that here chez moi. Snicker.
do ya happen to know how to get beer off the computer screen? I should know better than to read you with a mouthful.
welcome back, rabbitch. we haz missed you.
You totally brightened my day. Thank you and welcome back!
Bwaaaa indeed!

thanks rabbitch...and have a great weekend!
OMB, I knew when I finally got off my lazy ass and blogged again, you have something funny. You never dissapoint♥
My stomach hurts, but it is totally worth it.
Thank you that was so funny and it helped me through an awful boring afternoon with excel sheets at work. I laugh, because this could be so me, the ever embarrassing mom, who fell in the pool at daughter's prom picture-taking with the classic, "take one step back to get a better shot" movement.
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