Saturday, April 11, 2009


Nom nom nom.

A response to the National Organization of Marriage "Gathering Storm" bullshit performed by paid (and not very good) actors.

Buncha fucking wankers.

Run for the hills baby ... we're there too. Existing quietly and with dignity. Working, loving each other, paying taxes and contributing to the community.

It's a frightening thought, isn't it?

And next time, I'll tell you how I really feel.

Oh, that is bloody brilliant.
I love it when they make themselves look so hideously ridiculous...showing their and
Can't wait to hear how you *really* feel. LOL
Like gay people are going to break into your house and hold you hostage till you kiss them or something.
You tell them! If you want to hear what I hear when these jerks go off, replay the vid but replace "gay marriage" with "inter racial marriage" whenever they say it. They used to have excellent, biblically based reasons to deny that horrid and unnatural practice, too. Sorry, preaching to the choir. I'll go destroy something now. Grrrr. Jerks.
Yay Iowa! There was an article in the New York Times by a man whose parents were of different races, and therefore couldn't get married in their home state of Nebraska originally when they wanted to, so they came to Iowa. Now, he, a gay man, is so happy that he can get married in Iowa that he wants to come get married in the same town as his parents.

It's surprising to me personally that everyone was surprised by Iowa's court decision. Iowa's always been pretty socially progressive.
They must be really scared to try such theatrical tactics.
Yeah, what they said - oh, and you know? Seems to me that there are some REAL problems abroad in the world - two people of the same sex living together is NOT a problem. If they LOVE each other, also *not a problem*. How about rapes in Darfur? You want to decry something? TRY THAT! (ahem) Sorry. I think I probably really feel like you really feel.
I promise not to change anyone's lifestyle with my gay marriage (except my own, of course). If you don't like gay marriage don't marry a gay person.
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