Sunday, April 12, 2009


A Blessed Day To All

Today I am joyously celebrating this, the holy day of the Goddess Ostara. I beseech her to bring great fertility to us all.

Whatever you are celebrating today, may there be joy and peace.

And perhaps a little chocolate.

Um, I got 3 kids so I'll take a pass on the fertility.

But I wish you a joyous celebration of the goddess Olestra.

a LITTLE?? (mutters, what could she be thinking?)
What if I told you I was having a craving for rabbit stew?

(And, of course, chocolate...!)

(except the fertility bit, I'd prefer She pass me over. But all the plants n' stuff, go nuts)
at my age, fertility had BETTER involve my plants! (blessedly, the pets are all it-critters.)

and thanks for mention of chocolate. it reminded me to put grandgirl's bunny basket out of dog-reach.
AGAIN we are of like mind - have I mentioned that I love you? Ooops...maybe shouldn't be saying that, there might be a doctor in Alabama listening.... Rabbitch? Blessed be and Merry meet! Now I'm going to eat some matzoh (what can I say, it's *tradition*.)
No more fertility for me, thank you very much. But I'll take a double helping of the chocolate.
Who thunk up that garbage? I'll take the chocolate though.


Yay, my computer is ficksed!
I hope all is well and that you have a happy (US) Mother's Day even though you're in Canada. Especially since you're planning to move here.
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