Sunday, March 01, 2009


Mel and David Stretched My Holes

As promised, it's not been all blood and bandages around here. The "situation" is still ongoing but I expect it will either escalate (in which case I can deal with it officially) or go away (in which case I don't need to deal with it at all) shortly. It's not something I am spending my time stewing over.

Over which I am spending my time stewing.

That thing.

There has been much work of a fiberly nature and now I've finally got my camera talking to my daughter's computer (it still won't talk to mine) I am working on getting photos of knitting on here. I have to load them on to her computer (when she's not playing on Club Peguin -- don't ask) and then email them to MY computer and then download them to somewhere and it's all a huge pain but at least it's now possible.

There has also been ornamentation of the person.

I'm not much for jewelry. If you've met me you've likely noticed that I (sometimes) wear a wedding ring (it's usually in my pocket or on the desk where I'm working), sometimes wear two pinkie rings (on the same finger) that I love (one is a Celtic band in silver, one is a very very old eternity ring with a circle of diamonds), and sometimes wear a knitted and beaded ring given to me by Sivia. (I'm a total starfucker, I like dropping names. Name-dropping. That. Plus I like claiming that she and I are engaged.)

I very occasionally wear a sheep pendant made for me by my Mouse and I always wear my belly ring and one small earring up high on the cartilege of my right ear. The belly ring and that one earring are my only two constants. My weddding ring's in my pocket right now. I think. Unless it's in the bathroom with the other rings.

However, I recently received a very thoughtful gift package from my friend Dr. Mel. Along with some utterly delicious roving from his own Madeleine, I got some luscious hand cream and a little wall plaque (thank you, David!) and some silver earrings (purchased on their recent jaunt to Peru) that I thought were alpacas, my husband thought were llamas (he immediately asked me where the duck was; the boy is well-trained) and which Mel claims are vicuñas.

Anyhow, no matter what the critters are, they're lovely. Simple, plain, stylized, and they suit me very well, so I put them on this evening.

Evidently if you don't wear earrings for a long time, your holes get tighter. (The holes in your ears, you perverts.) These earrings have fairly substantial posts, and I should hardly be surprised, as Mel claims that those of his tribe often have "a little extra".

Anyhow, there was shoving and pushing and possibly a little tearing. I wore them all evening but my earlobes were a little damaged and I had to treat them with some alcohol (rubbing alcohol externally, a little beer taken orally, just to be sure and purely as a prophylactic measure).

One can never be too careful.

If I can get my kid to take pictures tomorrow I'll see if I can get Flickr to cooperate and let me post pix of them. Amazingly, they even look appropriate when one is all butched up in a flannel shirt.

Anyhow, the point of this whole post is to say a huge Thank You! to Mel and David. That was the most delightful and touching package I've received in some time and I'm still smiling.

If, perhaps, a little sore.

I do hope it was good for you.

Just snorted tea up my nose at the last statement.. thanks.
Snicker. Can't wait to see the pictures (the kind that it's OK to post on a family-friendly site, right?)!
RE: annoying transfer of pictures: try

Also, I believe you promised us some pictures of Boris. I like Boris.
Lubrication. No, really. If you use a dab of something antiseptic (I use Bag Balm; you can also use things like triple-antibiotic ointment), it both helps the earring slide in and it's in there helping prevent any microtears from getting infected.
That's not the only hole that gets tighter if you don't use it.
I always go through a drama when I get around to wearing earrings again. Lots of stretching. Which is tricky because I have ten holes.

Which is a lot of stretching and a lot of openings for interpretation...
if the critters are vicuñas, does that mean we're getting vicuñeous gratification when you post pix?
Are all girls below the age of 13 on Club Penguin?!!?
Is this "Pre-Plurk" Training?
When I talk to her, I get, "Oh, no! My Penguin's wandered off, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"
This helped after I gauged up in my earrings: dissolve some sea salt in warm water in a dixie cup. Set the dixie cup on the table and lower the side of your head toward it until your ear and new earring are soaking. Sit like this for 5 or 10 minutes then repeat on the other side. Yes, you will look goofy for a few minutes but it really does help heal your ears.
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