Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Make It Stop!

The crazy DJ in my head has been playing "I'm Burnin' For You" by Blue Oyster Cult in my head for days. This isn't really a big problem as I'm a big fan of Arena Rock.

Man, I love me some Blue Oyster Cult. They were the first band I saw live (At the Gardens in Toronto, some time around 1977. Don't Fear the Reaper tour.)

I admit it, they still get me hot. They also may be the only band that uses sufficient cowbell. I do so approve of the cowbells.

The problem is, that ... well, the lyrics.

There's a line there, "I'm livin' for givin' the devil his due". Of course (no, srsly, if you know me this really is an "of course" moment) my mind started playing with the words and ended up with "givin' the devil his do" -- as in hairdo.

Which led me, of course to Devil's Haircut(embedding disabled by request, the bastages) by Beck.

Now don't get me wrong. I am greatly approving of Mr. Beck and in no way wish to denigrate his talent, however dudes -- I now have Beck and Blue Oyster Cult doing some sort of insane Dueling Banjos thing from Deliverance in my head.

I'm sure you understand how this could be disturbing.

It's gonna be a long day.

I have a present for you. Go here (my Flickr) and move forward through the set. That is a woman doing a burlesque dance to Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla." I'm helping!
Lame, but ... luv u neeway.
OMG.. lalaalalalaaa... can't hear you!!! Thanks for the ear-worm.. I'm going to be singing "don't fear the reaper" for the next week.
I could give a worse earworm. Let me look through my Disney tunes....

BOC comes to Portland at least a couple of times a year. There's a hardcore fanbase here. Can't imagine why.
Holy Fuckoly people! I had not even a whiff of a clue that BOC is responsible for the "Godzilla" song, and yet I love me the Bee Oh Cee!

Thank you to Rabbitch, Emily and my "8-years-older-than-me-sister and her 8-tracks" for helping spread the BOC love.

Here's a pure shot of Classic Rock, my friends, satin jackets included:

Great. A new earworm. It's got to be better than the piano recital song my younger daughter's been practicing all week, though... What does it say about me that the first band *I* ever saw in concert was The Monkees? Weird Al opened for them. Dude.
The inside of your head is SUCH an interesting place.
My first concert was Led Zepplin in Vancouver...the one where the stage got mobbed and the speakers almost hit the floor... Scared the crap out me, and it was 40 years later before my next show.

Now, see the way my mind works it was "giving the devil his doo-doo". Of course right now I am working with a "God bless this boy, Jesus pray for him" every 5 minutes guy, so doo-doo is kind of on the brain.
Oh. We actually *do* think similarly. This could be bad.

My first concert band was Renaissance, with Al Dimeola opening.
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