Monday, March 23, 2009


Have Y'all SEEN This Stuff?

I'm in a rush, but many thanks to Ruth for this link.

Must go get my child out of hock school now. Spring break is over -- yay!

I loved this video -- it made me smile all day. Congratulations on making it through spring break! Mine is the next two weeks...
But they didn't credit the dogs! :)
Innit great?

When I first saw it, it only had 50,000 page views. Right now it's at 2.6 million!
Glad you liked it!

Yay - spring break! Yay - it's over!
gotta luv them baaa-studs!

(tho i'm sure peta won't get the joke)
I LURVE watching sheepdogs doing their thing! We saw a sweet one at the Sheep & Wool Festival...he got five sheep into their pen "toot sweet", poetry in motion. THEN! his lady gave him a challenge, and he was up to it; That dog -- I say that DOG -- (I am so not making this up) successfully penned three DUCKS! I have to tell you, that was SOME serious funny! And these? I love these sheepies in the film. What a riot - those guys have two gifts: knowledge of technology and some seriously brilliant dogs.
Holy shitballs! That was freakin awesome.
Besides the dogs, they should also have credited the sheep.
OMG! That is the d@mned funniest thing I have ever seen.
All I wanted to do, at the beginning was bleat "Wooolves! Woolves!" "Wheeeer's our Baaaaabe?"
Then the light show!
Absolutely brilliant!
"That'll do, pig, that'll do!"
I've never made anyone look at anything online before. This. was. completely. awesome. My entire family enjoyed it. Thank you!!!
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