Thursday, January 01, 2009


More Education

I have learned that the mitered square is an amazing and wonderful thing.

I have learned that when one decides to make a mitered square blanket for a much-loved daughter who has been longing for one for a long time, after about the 50,000th stitch one thinks somewhat less of the mitered square. (There was a total of just over 89,000 stitches. I'm a geek. I worked it out.)

I have learned that when one is as tired as all hell, one should go to bed rather than completing the long post that one was planning.

There is a tale or two to be told, and an accusation or two to refute (someone accused me of abandoning knitting and taking up macrame -- this outrage must not be allowed to stand unanswered) but for the nonce, I think that bed thing might be a good idea, as I have to work in the morning.

look! a post on each of two consecutive days! it may well be one of the signs of the end times ...

Good to hear from ya!

2008 was the kind of year that if it was a fish, we would have thrown it back.

However, I have a good feeling about 2009. I seldom have good feelings about things, so I am sure I am right (despite what all the talking heads on the news say, what the heck do they know?)

I had a feeling that this winter would be a cold one, and since we are up to our arses in snow, and the temp has rarely risen above minus 20 in the daytime, I figure my chances of being right about 2009 are pretty damn good.
What's wrong with macrame?
I have not calculated the # of stitches in an objet d'knit. Yet. It WILL happen, though...
OMG! Is hell freezing over?
You went to bed? Where's Rabbitch and what have you done with her?
pffft. It is the end of days!

Snow in Texas and my mom got her broken glider rocker fixed! The one that's been broken since before my youngest brother was born!
Wow. I totally didn't know what "nonce" meant!
I gave up after half a sweater's worth of mitered squares. I bow in homage.
hi, rabbitch --

we've been missing you. glad you're ok.
Macrame? Heresy!!! Unless, of course, you need a plant hanger. Then it is kind of a handy thing, I suppose...
Bring back macrame!!!

Happy New Year, babe.
Ah, I confess, I love the mitered square. It can get boring but short breaks usually solve that. Either that or another hand painted yarn. I made two in 2008 and am about 1/3 way through my "Noro" mitered square blanket. It will be a glorious triumph.
Happy Birthday tomorrow.
Oh, no, you've got it backwards -- 2 posts in a row from the esteemed Rabbitch, means it is the BEGINNING of Good Times (btw, I don't mean the TV show, despite the upper case lettering.)

devoted fan
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