Wednesday, January 21, 2009



I'm still here and I have tales and pictures. And pictures of tails.

I just realized how long it's been since I blogged however the rumours of my early demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I've been knitting. Despite the rumours that I have been lured to the land of scrapbooking, I knit on, resolutely. "Scrapbook" is not a verb. And it's also a really fucking stupid way to spend your time. Stop it, right now. The future of humanity may depend on it.

I have a new pet (a snake, so if you hate snakes you likely don't want to look here for a bit because as soon as I figure out how to get the pix off the camera there will be pictures of Boris the Corn Snake).

I've been working, full-time, at the good job. I've been loving and laughing (as I did the day my co-worker said she was sending her mother to the paleontologist. I looked startled and asked how old she was. Apparently she's 80 and that seemed a little young for that sort of thing. Eventually we figured out that in fact she needs to see the podiatrist.)

I've been cleaning house, sorting out my priorities, getting the ducks in a row and whatever other cliche you'd like to insert here.

However, today is my boopdate. My birthday, even, and for today I'm going to set all plans and dreams aside and just maybe eat bacon. All. Day. Long.

Because you know that bacon is like having a mouthful of Jesus, and I think that's just the sort of thing I need right now.

" bacon is like having a mouthful of Jesus"--
this is my favorite statement ever... I want it on a pillow.
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

Have a good day. Don't fall over the edge - you sound close.

Happy Birthday! Glad you're still with us :-)
Happy Birthday! I missed your wit. Glad you're well, and look forward to pictures of Boris.
Happy Birthday! Mine's Friday. Woot January babies!
Happy, happy birthday! I hope it's a good one and full of bacon.
Happy birthday! Enjoy your bacon!
Happy boopdate, rabbitch! I hope your day is as joyful as mine became when I read "Because you know that bacon is like having a mouthful of Jesus, and I think that's just the sort of thing I need right now."

Thank you. I so needed that.
Happy Birthday! Happy Bacon, Happy, happy, happy. **yech**, that sounds SO sappy. Good to hear you're still mucking about.
What a great day! Your birthday (you who ALWAYS makes me laugh) and my partner's (she who always makes me um..emote in some fashion!)

Happy, happy day!
Everyone worships in her own way. :-) Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday!
She surfaces and we are blessed with her humour once again....happy happy....bacon up
Happy Boopday. Will your bacon be dipped in dark chocolate or crumbled on a buttercream cupcake? That's what all the gour-may types are doing with bacon now-a-days. Me, I prefer a good old BLT on a nicely toasted pair of whole grain bread slices.
Happy BaconMas!
Must disagree. Mouthful of bacon WAY better than mouthful of Jesus, any day. I'm glad you're getting one rather than the other on your boopday. Happy boopday! Happy other days too, while you're at it.

NB it occurs to me that this is sort of anniversary-ish as regards you and me and first contact - I'm remembering something you gave yourself for your last boopday, and wondering whether you've knitted any of it yet. ;-)
Happy Birthday!

And eating Bacon all day is THE best way to spend any day!
Happy BaconBirthday!
I don't think jeebus would taste like bacon...but to each her own way of celebration!

happy birthday, rabbitch! good to see you blogging once again!
Happy Birthday!

Mmmm, bacon.
That bacon comment got me to wondering if you are related to my SIL. I may suggest a bacon cake for her next birthday...

Happy Birthday!
I thot jeebus tasted like chicken!?!
Happy happy booptyday to ewes.
May the bacon be perfect, the day be happy, the hours be fun and relaxing, and some goooooood wine/coffee/beverage of your choosing be the tip of your birthday iceberg!

now starving for bacon.......never knew it was such a spiritual hunger
Happy bacon day to yoooooooo!. Don't know if you get it in Canada, but Jimmy Deans is my current favorite. A day full of bacon is a day in paradise as far as I am concerned. And it goes great with chocolate cake.

Oooohhh then for your cake you should have bacon fudge with a candle stuck on it! Hope the day went well for you!
Happy Birthday! We had Jesus for supper tonight. Must have been having sympathy cravings.
I think I had a bit of reflux at the idea of a mouthful of Jesus, but then one little pubic hair and I'm gagging all over the place.

The new snakie however is verrrruh exciting. Another good reason (as if I need more) to come visit you. We used to have a 14 foot long Burmese Python named Pete. We had to find him a new home when he outgrew rats and moved on to rabbits. I couldn't do the bunny thing.

Hope you got the birthday card. It's really hard to know if things work right when you're someone nobody in their right mind lives.

Eat the bacon
Enjoy the snake
Save the bunny!

Hoppy birthday!
Happy birthday! Can't think of a better way of spending one's birthday than to eat mass quantities of nutritionally-questionable food, especially bacon. Good bacon is truly fabulous. Glad you've been knitting, and haven't been lured into scrapbooking. Not my taste, but to each his/her own.

It sounds as if things are okay right now--yay for the good job, and the new pet. (I'll take a critter with no legs over one with eight any day!)

A Rabbitch after me own heart! (I know, as a Jew I'm supposed *eschew* {get it?} bacon but I has an understanding with de Lawd -- has to do with me not killing anyone and gettin', therefore, to eat bacon, barbecued ribs & shrimp) For a perfickly lovely and elegant repast: avocado and bacon sandwiches. MMmmmmmm! Any Happy Day that's YOUR Boopday is a happy one for me, might I add.
A belated Happy Boopdate, and major mea culpa.
I hope your boopdate was great - lots of bacon, knitting, bacon, happy people not giving you grief...

A corn snake, eh? Still a damn site better than scrapbookin' and (its vile evil twin) rubber stampin'.
I do hope you're still with us, after the cholesterol fest yesterday. Everybody needs a full day of indulgence from time to time. Oh, and Jesus was a Jew----no bacon, no way, no time, so the comparison, uh, sucks?
Oh, Boris sounds delightful. Pictures, please!!!
And hope you really enjoyed you day of celebrating life by ignoring all the rules.
Birthday. Happy. Have!

And I lerv snakes. Pictures, please!
Happy Birthday! You always make me smile. I think that the inside of your head is a VERY interesting place!
Hippo birdie two ewes!
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes! Hope you had a wonderful day with lots of bacon, no scrapbooking and a handsome snake. (I'm waiting for photos. I love snakes and cornies are pretty.) BTW you share your day with my son who just turned 35. Eep!
Yes! Snake pictures please! I don't have the dedication it takes to be a good herp mommy, so I just get the vicarious enjoyment.
No wonder I like ya! Another bacon person.
As a wee child I lived on a diet of arrowroot biscuits, water, and bacon (this is no poor Ma nearly went bald pulling out her hair to make me eat anything else..I'd eat rye bread with real butter dunked in coffee too, but only at Granny's house)
My personal fav. is bacon tucked around really good vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with Rogers Golden Syrup (no other brand will do) Heaven! and no, Jesus can't have any of my bacon!
Something to go with bacon? Sausage! After all the bacon comments I thought everyone might enjoy this from the New York Times: Pig squared!
Honey? Have you recovered from the birthday bacon enough to come back to the blog?

You are missed. Hope all is well.
Hey! How come bloglines didn't tell me you posted?! And on your birthday even. Hope the bacon lived up to its promise. And that the paleontologist wasn't too surprised by the appearance of an 80-year-old.
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