Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Year In Review

I thought I'd sneak one last post in before the end of the year. Tomorrow I'll finish the long post I've been writing all about how the last three weeks have been a learning experience.

I've learned that when the snow is up past your knees, it's not a good idea to try to walk home carrying a turkey and a sack of potatoes when you're only wearing shoes. (I was wearing clothes, too. Perverts.)

I've learned that when going outside early in the morning, when it's very very cold and the windchill makes it something like -27, it's a good idea to take your keys, or at least make sure that the handle of the front door isn't locked before you slam it behind you.

I've learned that no matter how broke you are and even if it's two weeks before Christmas, when the metal of your steel-belted radials starts to show through the rubber that you have to spend $246 on two new tires.

I've learned that a frozen 14 lb turkey won't thaw overnight.

Most importantly, I've learned that when you have a choice between peeling a potato and taking a big chunk out of your left index finger with a potato peeler, the potato is likely a better choice.

But for now:

The Year In Review

It sucked.

That is all. Carry on.

ps. happy new year, everyone!

Hooray! You have returned!
Much sympathy for the hurt finger,
cold slog in the snow, etc.
Happy New Year!
Sounds like a fun way to end a year of nastiness.

Let's hope 2009 is an improvement and keeps you and yours healthy, happy and surrounded by love.
I think I physically cringed four or five times whilst reading this post...yikes!

Any chance you could override 2008 with an equally awesome 2009? I'm routing for that option, since it seems like a similar choice to taking a peeler to your finger or a potato.

All best wishes.
Happiest New Year right back atcha Rabbitch!
Happy New Year!

I hope this year is kinder to all of us than last year was. xo
Reminds me of the old expression "been down so long it looks like up to me" up your chakras and sending positive jolts to you and yours...
Here's hoping 2009 is better for you, which shouldn't be so hard since 2008 set the bar kind of low.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year !

Wishing you and yours much love, happiness and good health.
here's hoping 2009 is much more compassionate to you and yours.

go rabbitch!
I join you in telling 2008 not to let the screen door hit it in the ass as it leaves..heh. Glad to read your dulcet words again, have missed you and them. Happy New Year to you and the family! Like Saint John of Lennon said, "Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear."
2008 surely did suck didn't it? Sucked unmentionable things, mostly green and oozy.

One of the good points though is I got to know you. I'm hanging onto all the good points I can find!

At least you had turkey... hey waidddaminnit.... aren't you vegetarian?. Well whaddevah.

May the New Year bring less sucks and more smiles
Happy 2009 Rabbitch! Lets hope this year doesn't suck.
Excellent life lessons, every one. I hope that the new year sucks a LOT less than the old one!
I think it's time life taught you some nicer lessons, like how fast the sun sets when you're near the equator, how much yarn a brand new car will hold, or where a person can have the most fun in Paris. Here's hoping the lessons of 2009 will be, if not pleasant, at least entertaining (to you).
Ummmmm, not to be pushy or anything rude like that, but wasn't it you who chastised Mel for not posting? I miss you.
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