Thursday, December 04, 2008


Madness, Thy Name is Christmas Knitting

I haven't yet finished last year's holiday knitting, and yet for a brief, fleeting moment I held dear to the belief that it was completely reasonable to cast on for six or eight things for THIS year's holiday knitting. Yes, for the holiday that is three weeks away today.

And then, taking a bite from the sandwich of reality, I decided that the four washcloths that someone from work wants will get done. The mitered blanket from hell that my daughter wants will get done (I'm over 70,000 stitches into it already, probably approaching the 80,000 mark by now. And yes, I counted. Excel is my friend).

For everything else, there's storebought. It's warm, it's beautiful, it's alpaca ... what more could you ask?

well, I *could* ask for a 36-hour day but I wouldn't get it, would I?

Knit on, knit on to the end of the day
Knit on, knit on they say it's so gay
Just one more...row. No really.

Cast off, cast off what the hell was I thinking
Cast off, cast off....all I do is tinking
f@#%k this holiday knitting.

brought to you by bad poetry corner.
But isn't it great to know that you are not alone in the insanity? Or perhaps this is the origin of the phrase, "misery loves company'?
Shame on you for pointing out we have only three weeks left! My fingers are already sore. (Um...from the knitting I mean.)
And yeah, so you know what? Sometimes we get extra time on account of Chanukah coming LATER, sometimes even after Christmas. But only THIS year, it starts two days BEFORE Christmas so, even though it's eight days long, and the nicest present is s'posed to be given on the 8th night, which will be like December 30, IT'S STILL NOT long enough away. Nevermind, anyway.
Add me into the misery/company department.

Knit on!
This year I bagged out on gift knitting except a few pairs of socks already in progress. By the time I finished my wedding shawl I had lost my appetite for deadline knitting. Guess what - NO GUILT AT ALL. As long as Mom gets her Christmas socks I'm just not sweating it.
Yup, I crazily decided I could finish four Christmas gifts. We hates them all already however, which makes me think that it's not going to happen...
Good for you! I have cut back- I'm limiting my knitting to soap bags for most everyone, with a charitable donation to cover the excess. Except.. There's always an except... I am attempting to complete bodices for 5- count them-5- Jane Austen dresses for granddaughters and a might-as-well-be granddaughter. Only moderate insanity here.
This is why I love you so! You make me feel so sane. Thank you! :)
That link gave me as the first pictures, those oh so adorable alpacas. THANK YOU!! Even tho I have alpacas on my wall paper that shot was much better.

Go ahead -- SKIP THE XMAS KNIT -- it's all part of the patriarchy's misogynist plan, anyway. (i.e.: we're losing on the never ending cycle of pregnant and barefoot, so, instead lets make them thing they must make, yes, MAKE, in the 21st century Gifts from their beloved past time/hobby/money-making venture. AND in addition, the icing on the cake, if you will, the items COST MORE if you spend HOURS upon HOURS making them! What a perfect plan.)

I mean really, are men supposed to do extra fishing and then take everything they catch to the soup kitchen? And on... and on... [I originally wrote 'and so one.. and so one' but then i decided that might be a mixed messages for those that can sew beautiful things.

Oh, btw, I swore I would do no xmas knitting this year, yet it now appears that I have 6 items on my list. 2 done (well 1 is totally done, the other needs a tad extra blocking at one end); 1 in particular, I am resigned to not getting done; and the rest, well 3 little things will get done (honestly, at least 2 of those, because I know 2 6-year-olds will love it, and nothing in my life trumps that.) Sorry to ramble so on your blog.

your dear demented friend,
charlizeen yahooooooooooooooo
I chose the sane route this year--thought I was knitting 0 Christmas projects and ended up with 1. Just one. For a beloved afterschool-care teacher who is going to look so damned cute in that knit cap.

And honey? The sane route rules.
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