Saturday, November 08, 2008


They Shoot Horses, Don't They?*

Apparently they also shoot my neighbours.

This is just a quick note to reassure any readers living in the area and who know approximately (or in some cases exactly) where I live that the shooting reported in the news last night (and likely also today) was yes, awfully close to my house, but not actually at my house and had nothing to do with me or, as far as I know, with anyone I know.

It was sort of freaky though. I was out at the grocery store and as I was leaving I noticed a police car going by. And then another. And then many, many more -- more than I even knew we had up in this neck of the woods.

They were all heading in the general direction of my home so I was slightly concerned, but as I drove home (wondering if my street would be blocked off) I saw that all of the cop cars were concentrated about two blocks away (on a street where I used to live, actually).

I don't know what happened, apart from the very brief post on the News 1130 site saying that the police were treating it as a targeted attack and that a young man had been shot several times. I actually don't want to know because then I'll have to deal with the fact that people are getting shot on a street I walk down on a regular basis (and, if I didn't have the car, down which I would have been walking with my groceries right when it happened.)

Ugh. I think I'll go eat more spanikopita and have another glass of wine (I cooked this weekend) and then knit on something for a bit.

Keep your heads down, willya?

*I may have used this title before. Apparently when I lost my mind I also lost all of my originality.

Holy sh*t dude... I'm glad you and your family are ok! Do we need to chip in for bulletproof vests?
Good advice anyway, as deer season starts here soon.
so glad you and the rest of the hutch are safe.

unfortunately, the number of people who think it's ok to shoot other people seems to be growing. my city has had several killings in recent days, including an elderly gay couple and two teenage brothers who were leaving a party because it didn't look like a safe situation.

and then there are all the killings of women and children by the men who think they OWN them.

much as you don't want to know details, it might be useful to find out whether this was a gang/drug thing or something like revenge for a rape, vs. just a random shooting.

anyway, glad to know you're safe.
Jeez. I could do this post once a month in my neighborhood.
Last night my brother was over and someone fired a bunch of shots from a semi-automatic on my street (I'm geussing it was dumbass showing off their gun, since there was no other noise like calling for help or driving away). My brother tried to go to the window to see what was going on. *shakes head*
I totally understand - they busted a meth lab in an apartment three doors down and in the building behind me once. It was maybe, oh...50 feet away? Not far, at any rate. It's a totally disconcerting feeling, and it takes a while to come to terms with something that big going down so near you. You're in my good thoughts for sure!
Oh, that's scary. We went through a couple of similar incidents when I lived in Oakland, and we definitely lived with a "keep the ol' head down" mentality for a while afterwards. Be careful.
what is it with that, last month the crack dealer who lived upstairs-not legally but that is another story, was stabbed and died in the apartment right above us, we didn't hear anything!
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