Friday, November 14, 2008


I Have No Knitting

But I have a heart. And a tear in my eye. Many of them, perhaps.

Do you?

with thanks to Frank for the link.

ps this really is a knitting blog. no, really. shut up.

thank you for posting this. I have never in my life been more proud of a commentator's courage and eloquence. He gives me hope for my country. thanks again, sweet.
This was an amazing video. I'm so glad that he put this out there. I've been terribly disappointed in my state since last week... The first thing my girls asked after the election was, "Does this mean Uncle Jon's not married anymore?" And how do you explain to a kid that her uncle's marriage is somehow less valid that her parents'? Sigh...
I love that piece. I put it on my blog too.
Thanks for this. I still can't believe that it passed.
Oh my word... He is so eloquent. Thank you so much for sharing this.
I saw this on Ravelry. It's one of the do you call it? Too thoughtful for a rant, to gentle for a speech...whatever it is, he did it best.

I don't see how one could remain untouched.
Yes, I saw this on knitwithit's blog, and then again on YouTube's popular list. That video is getting quite a bit of airtime and I'm glad. He really said it all so well, and it's a message that needs to be spread far and wide.
That was beautiful and is absolutely how I feel. It absolutely disgusts and saddens me that people could be so against people they don't even know having some permanence and love.
I don't think this is really a knitting blog.
Very well stated and obviously heartfelt.

I have to admit I did not expect it to pass.
how i wish he had made this type of comment a few days before the election. it might have changed a few hearts and minds, though i doubt it.

i'm straight, but i've never felt threatened by the idea of letting gays marry. i've had two marriages fall apart, but neither of them because of someone gay.

but my sis-in-law, happily married to my bro for 30+ years, is intensely homophobic . . . ironic, since i'm almost certain one of her best friends is a closeted lesbian.

but someone convinced her that god abominates gays . . . yet she believes in creation(ism). did god make everyone/everything else, but not gays? were they a mistake? are they deliberately choosing to be hated and reviled and murdered because of whom they love?

i don't try to talk to her about this . . . or much of anything else, inasmuch as a closed mind gathers no thoughts. but i do find hope that her children seem not to have "caught" this attitude from her.

fyi, there's a petition online somewhere asking the irs to investigate the tax-exempt status of the mormons and some other churches that made heavy pro-prop-8 efforts. about time, i say.
Really? They want to check the tax-exempt status of the Mormon church? You know they rake in the cash--one of the tenents of their religion is that you must tithe 10% of your income to the church. The other main one is that you must go out and preach the gospel and convert others. But then, I think the Mormons are a bit nuts. (I grew up in a Mormon area and was baptized a Mormon at the age of 8, like all good little Mormons) Why did Jesus turn water into wine if alcahol is taboo? And why do they change details in The Night Before Christmas to make it seem like Santa didn't have a pipe, when anyone can look it up in the local library and find out he did in that book? As you might have guessed, I'm no longer a Mormon. And I've been baptized again, as an adult, this time, Episcopalian.
thank you for sharing this. It breaks my heart that people are so thoughtless and hard-hearted to others.

This gentleman said what many more should.
A bunch of poeple had to have voted for both Obama and Prop 8. How does that work?

Thanks for the video. Keith Olbermann is my hero.
What? I'm sure Keith Olbermann knits!

(And I'm SO jealous that you figured out how to embed it in your blog!)
I am as straight as anyone could reasonably make claims to being, I think. But I also think I'd marry Keith Olbermann if he asked me to (provided he didn't do it in California).
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