Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I Do Believe I Am Owed A New Keyboard, Thank You

Next post may be about knitting. I just remembered this is supposed to be a knitting blog.

Or not.

At what point do you think he realized what he'd actually said?
i'm sorry b ut if he's the product of two men, there's more history making than him gecoming president!
OH my goodness! I'm assuming you need a new keyboard because you spewed coffee (or tea or whatever) all over it? I would have too had there been anything in my mouth to spew but profanities.

That dude will NEVER live that one down.
Oh my...
Such gravitas! Thank you, I hadn't seen that one yet.
Yeah, that is a moment for the history books. My dogs think I've gone crazy.
LOLOL Too funny!
Holy crap! I didn't know technology had progressed that far. I wonder if that guy has stopped drinking yet.
OMG! Too funny!
UHHH - So we can't get married but now we can reproduce?!

Doesn't that take away one of our biggest assets in that we don't contribute to overpopulation?!
Isn't it GREAT?????
too funny!
I knew I should have hit the bathroom first. They owe me a new chair. ;-)
Ha! Now isn't THAT interesting. You'd think he'd be more supportive of same-sex marriage, then, wouldn't you?

Good catch!
Oh Terry. I guess you won't be receiving an invitation to become a member of the White House Press Corps. Hee! And did you notice the words "rabbit ears" scrolling under him as he spoke? Coincidence? I think not!
Gaaack! Expelling tea through the nose hurts!
Seriously? I mean, seriously?
Huh!! Oops!! But one more reason not to go on LIVE! Hee, hee, hee!!!
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