Saturday, November 29, 2008


I Am No Longer Married

I've decided, based on this post that my marriage is no longer valid. Neither is yours.

I have explained it carefully to my former husband and he agrees that as long as I keep making his lunch, that I can refer to our union as an "invalid and oppressive construct of the patriarchy".

He's sort of cool that way.

He wasn't quite as cool with it when I told him that seeing I wasn't married I was going to start dating again, but we'll work on it.

You two must have awfully interesting conversations.
I love it. It's a perfect response to the majority's stance that as long as we let gay couples have domestic partner rights, then we can "save" marriage for everyone else. I keep asking, if domestic partnerships and marriage really are the same thing, then why can't we just call them all "marriage"? Flummoxes the heck out of people, because it turns out that there's really no answer that doesn't boil down to, "because I don't like them", which is no reason at all.

Let me know how that dating thing works out.
Sounds good to me. Maybe I'll get more action now that we're back to dating. ;)

I loved this! I agree with the comment on that site...I can't agree more without spraining something!

My dd is busy laughing and agreeing too.
Congratulations on your unmarried state! Pop the champagne...
*Snort* I love it.
Wish I had thought of that.
I love you!!

Is it hard for me to link that post to my face book page?
I love you!!

Is it hard for me to link that article to my facebook page?

charlizeen yahooooooooooo
I figured it out. : )

Great. Wish I could try it on hubbers but I married the guy 3 times. Legally, cause my parents were hassling us, in a wedding ceremony at his church and then had it validates by the Catholic Church (that took 12 years they kept saying we needed marriage classes). I guess I could call him my lover, that might work. Actually here in the Midwest it might be fun to call him my lover for a few weeks, I wonder what the PTO would think.
You can date, but you can only date Americans, since your marriage *is* valid in Canada.
Man, to think that he understands to "not married" concept but not the dating concept. Silly man.
Completely AWESOME and it led up to an interesting conversation with my own longtime companion (aka husbeast). LOL
Thanks for that link. I've sometimes found myself trying to explain that if we'd let black people and women have the right to do "something just like voting" then it wouldn't have been just like voting at all.

This is better--much more succinct.

Me, I just wandered past from the late blog of Whipped Mom, also via the Bear In the Big Blue House moon video.

Peace out
Brilliant! What a great way to make the point.
I l'd ol.
I've been away far too long. Oh the changes! I guess I'm not married any more either~What a greta way to erase those pesky last 22 years.
Hmmm...interesting thought! My ex-h's girlfriend (they now have three kids together) constant refers to herself as his wife in front of me (we are not divorced - just redefining the "long-term" in "long-term separation...actually we're just cheap and lazy)...still it totally bothers me. I guess I'd have to refuse to recognize her delusionary marriage?

I think the French have it right - there is a term - con-joint - as in "my conjoined person" that I love. Seems so much better than being married.
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