Saturday, November 15, 2008


Do It Now!

more the engrish!

I'm at work (at the "good" place). Working four to midnight today and tomorrow. I'm hoping that at some point before Monday I'll figure out how to follow these instructions.

Oh yes, and I'm knitting. As we speak. No really I am.

LIAR! You have given up knitting for the fine art of macrame! Admit it.

P.S. Also you suck because you never email me anymore.
A friend of mine spotted a sign in a Japanese hotel that said "Robby" and an arrow pointing down the hall. She couldn't imagine who Robby was and why he should merit his own sign, so off down the hall she went, only to find herself in the "Lobby". Her only regret is she didn't take a picture, and she never did meet Robby.
If only I knew what a froud of jam was, but alas!
I'm still waiting for the density it is mine for which the wife she will savor, actually.
Gotta love Babelfish!
love (1000) but I'd just love to know what a fround is. And why jam is an important feature in it. It actually reads like something from Jabberwocky...
"paleles" is supposed to read "papeles," I think. "Papelera" is wastepaper basket. And "atascar" is to jam or to clog. So it's supposed to be "Please throw papers [paper towels, I'd assume] in the trash can, they cause [the toilet, presumably] to clog."
Your guess is as good as mine.
: - )

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