Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oh. My. FSM.

OK, while sitting at your desk, your computer, your sofa, your seat in Starbucks, wherever, start making a clockwise circle with your right foot.

Now, with your right hand, draw a number 6 in the air.

Your foot will change directions, and there's nothing you can do about it.

ARGH! It's been driving me mental for half an hour now.

Have you tried drawing the 6 the other way around, ie. finish up at the end of the stalk on the top?

Glad to know you're keeping busy.
OK, there are WAY more productive things I should be doing right now. And I can't stop. You are evil. And I mean that in the nicest way!
I slowed my foot waaaaayyyy down and managed to keep it going in the same direction. Does that count? (Meanwhile, I'm saving this one for some time when I need to keep the girls quiet and entertained somewhere, heh.)
I hate I am stuck making circles in the air. My dogs think I am weird and I can't move on. Great.
I can do it but I'm a lefty and also not right in the head, so you shouldn't feel too bad.
Nope. I can do it ;-)
Oh, dear God. You're right. But I'd bet you dollars to donuts that any drummer worth his salt might be able to pull off this trick (especially if they are of the 1980s double-bass variety). I happen to know one of these. I'll ask him if he can do it. That independent coordination thing and all.
Unless you're a dancer, in which case you're used to your wacked teacher making you do divided-brain shit like that all the time. My foot stayed clockwise.

(Please don't hate me.)
Ask someone else to do it, it is so funny to watch, thank you.
no comment. you think I'm an idiot, right?
i can do it right foot and either hand, but once you make me do it with my left foot, it all goes to hell in a hand basket.
I managed to keep it going clockwise. Once. Now I want to keep trying it. Thanks for that...
Now I'm sitting here drawing in the air, moving my foot around and LMAO.

I can do it - sort of - if I make the six as a circle and think about moving the hand and the foot as a pair that are both going toward the middle.
Thanks so much for making me look like a moron at work. Hee! Just made my boss do it - she can't do it either. I am sooo not getting a raise this year.
Do you know what this does to a brain that is ALREADY messed up?!

- Your Kindred Spirit Down South
I hate that one. It sucks you in every time someone bring it up- as if your neurology had somehow mysteriously changed since the last time you tried. I find my foot reverses if I even draw a 6 in my head. Great for annoying the grandkids with, though.
I did this with no problem.
I have been reading this blog for 2 years. I love me some Rabbitch. I have been wanting to ask, but fearing the answer (and ridicule for not knowing), but it has finally gotten the best of me. So, WTF does FSM mean?
This is great! I can't wait to have my kids try it!
Hee hee hee, I passed it on to my coworkers and had them fussing over it. One was able to do it right away while others struggled. Then someone said, "Draw the 6 inside out instead of outside in."

Lovely evil and no one gets hurt. Usually.
Where are you, Rabbitch??????
Is my brain broken if I CAN do it?
OK. You're right. And I tried, the gods KNOW I really *tried*! At my age I oughtn't be wasting my precious remaining time this way (but even though I KNOW I can't do it now and will never be able to, YOU know I'll be trying it again.) Sheesh.
As a lefty, I can do it with my left hand just fine, but try it with the right hand and you're right.
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