Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I Thought ...

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First I thought about drinking bleach ...

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And then I put on my glasses so I could see things a little more clearly.

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I looked for advice from on high, but all I got were rude gestures from the spiders on the ceiling of my studio (they eat m*ths, we loves the spiders)

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So then I came up with the bright idea that I should disappear for weeks from my blog and email and the interwebs in general and freak a bunch of people out while getting my shit together. (If anyone wants a tidy pile of manure, I am now your go-to girl).

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So I hung out with my kid a lot (you can see she's no longer sick) and read books and cleaned house and slept and slept and slept and as you can see I'm feeling a whole lot better.

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And then I decided "screw this depression thing, it's really annoying". This is me and Her Surreal Highness telling Depression where to go.

So I took a bunch of pictures with the $7 webcam I got on EBay six, eight months ago -- maybe longer -- and never installed, in an attempt to reassure all and sundry that I have not in fact been committed.

This picture may not have so much in the way of focus, but what do you expect for $7. Me? Yeah, focus. Quite a bit now, thank you.

I can't sleep worth a damn any more, but I only crash like the Hindenberg when I'm too depressed to move, so that's a good thingie, and such. After a few hours of sleeps I'll see what I can do about mending the hole I left in the fabric of that internets thing by unplugging for so long.

(and thank you, Lala, for saying that I look about 20 in these pictures. That's what being sane and rested will do to me, seemingly. At least I hope you were referring to my age and not IQ. Please don't tell me if I'm wrong.)

Hang on in there adn kick that deperssion bitch into touch.
My daughter has been going through something similar recently and is hopefully coming out the other side now.
I know it is trite but there really is light at the end of the tunnel.
It's great to see you "back"! The smile is especially good to see!

(long time lurker, rare commenter...)
Thanks for the photos! I actually think those look pretty darn good for such a cheapo camera.
I'd be drinking bleach.. but I can't afford it. lol.
Thank goodness I was missing both the giggles and the perspective you provide. As for the depression, when all else fails blame the federal elections, the anger caused by the stupidity can cause depression :)

Glad you're feeling more "you".

Another lurker here. I loved this post. It is good to see you and your kid smiling. And yes, you do look very young in these photos. Good camera. :) I hope you continue to feel well.

Take care,

Lala's right - you look happier and healthier in those pictures than in any I've seen in a long while. HOORAY FOR YOU!
And Miss E is a peach!
It's good to see you back and I'm glad you're feeling better. I LOVE the shots of you and her Surreal Highness!
You do look about 20...I love the overwhelming glee in both of your faces.
Welcome back! You look great!
Hooray! You're back! Life is good now. I was worried about you. You look great! (You look good with and without glasses!) E looks great! Love the "tell duh-pression where to go" looks. Good on you!
Oh, the relief that you are blogging again. Now--will your online store be back soon? I keep getting a "file not found" message.
actually you do look about 20 on those pictures. Cowbag.


glad you're back with us, interwebs isn't the same y'know
I love the dual "Nyah nyah" to depression pic, but it doesn't compare to your smile. Hang in there, kiddo.

New toys no matter how much they cost are so much fun.
You look great! Clearly those weeks of rest and time with the small one were what was called for; tidying up shit may not be fun, but it's always nice to have it done. Welcome back -- we've missed you!
Actually... I think you look about 12. And it suits you.

Likin' the curliness, too.

you look mahvelous! and so does your little princess!
I'm glad you're feeling better, or at least well slept.
Your pictures are full of teh awesome.
You look awesome! And happy! SO glad to have you back!
Welcome back, Your Bunni-ness, we missed you.

Deb, in CA
You look absolutely wonderful and so happy. I am very glad to have you back - I have been thinking about you and missing you bunches. Depression is a terrible disease, I am glad you are finding ways to deal with it.
Ditto from me! You do look about 20. It's so great to see you and HSH laughing together. You're smile is the BEST. You've been greatly missed. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Now I have a smile on too! Thanks to the interwebs and seeing you!

charlizeen at yahooooooooooooooo
If that's you depressed, it looks good on you. :D
Hooray, you're back in sight!

You look great in those pictures!
Maybe that's what I need - a cheapo $7 camera.
You look good! It's amazing what a difference being really rested makes, isn't it? Don't deprive yourself of sleep.
You both look wonderful.
So nice to see you back. now with added pictures !
It's quite a year, one way or another ...
I've missed your wit, but clearly it was a good absence for you - the pics do look good!
Glad to see you back. Sometimes it seems the light at the end of my tunnel is a train but whatcha gonna do.
Hang tight my friend! I too have been in your position. I learned to take it a day at a time and not be too hard on myself.

I love the webcam pictures, and you do look REALLY young in them.
Fist bump to ya' from your kindred spirit in Seattle.
what they all said...you and HSH rawk the internets thingy. more, please...
a) you know about me and depression
b) i has a webcam, if ever you want to chat in real life
Joy! The bunny abides. And your smile is infectious...you've given me a lift and I'll try to pass it on. Thanks. (What a cutie that kid is, btw.)
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