Tuesday, October 14, 2008


And then the Furnace Exploded

I had to work tonight (at the "bad" place, even!). I grumbled about it a bit and clearly didn't want to go as I set the alarm for 12 hours after it needed to go off, but hell, it was a statutory holiday (Thanksgiving here in the Great White North) and being a slut for double-pay, I had little choice but to go.

And then, while sitting there happily working on Yet Another Soul-Sucking Mitred Square Blanket of Doom (in ack -- it needs to be machine washable) I got the call that everyone hopes to get at some point in their lives.

Him: Uh, I think the furnace exploded, how do you turn it off?

Me: It did WHUT?

Him: It was making booming noises and a fireball came out of the front of it.

Me: Oh. That certainly sounds like it exploded.

Him: Yeah. So how do you turn it off?

Me: You go to the thermostat in the living room and move the switch to "off".


Fortunately no harm was done, it just seems that the gas leaks out for too long before the pilot light thingie ignites it. And then it explodes.

There go all of my plans for tomorrow. Life is out to kill me, I swear it.

"it just seems that the gas leaks out for too long before the pilot light thingie ignites it. And then it explodes.
...any thoughts that the gas may have been leaking for a while and besides the in your face danger of it EXPLODING, all that gas floating in your house may have been affecting your brains?!!???
GEt out until its fixed!!
Turning the thermostat off first is good, but isn't there also a switch (ours is red) near the furnace to totally kill its power and thoroughly shut it off, not just the circulator?

And, BTW, if ours had done that and DH had noticed (big if), we'd have had the same conversation.

Double Sigh.

And the responsible child who would have done the right thing first, and called me second, is off to college....

We had one that used to do that. Ha ha ha on it, it's been sent to the scrap metal place.

Exploding furnace, meet The Crusher.

pfffffbt, and also So There! (Why, yes, I am 12, why do you ask?)
I am quietly dying at the idea of "and then a fireball came out of the front of it."

That's just the funniest thing I've heard all day.
Yep. Fireballs. One time when my parents were out for dinner with clients of Dad's, my three siblings decided to turn on the furnace. It was an old thing that you had to click on then light it to start it up. So my parents came home to find my sister with fried eyebrows and bangs. Yep, she waited too long to light the gas.
Ummm, seriously, make it go away. Fireballs = bad. Gas in the house = bad. No furnace in a Canadian winter = bad. You're right, life's clearly trying to kill you! (Either that, or Murphy's carrying a bad grudge...)
And why are you knitting this horrid blanket? You couldn't pay me enough to do something I hated that much!
And if someone were out to get you, the furnace would have exploded while you were at home, wouldn't it? Just a thought.
Judging by the tone of your post, I guess it's less scary than it sounds?

Oh, Rabbitch, life. that's all I can muster in response.

Roseanna Roseanna Danna knew of what she spake.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure my male roomie wouldn't even have called anyone to find out what to do. Fireball or not.

good luck with the nightmare of getting it fixed.

So, sorry, I forgot to mention:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I'm hoping you weren't/aren't the one expected to cook!

So, I guess it's a good thing you did the double-pay shift. Hope you didn't have nice plans for the cash.
ahhh. When I read things like this it makes me happy to have an antiquated solid fuel range that is far more likely to simply go out than explode, gas me or do anything similar. It takes 3 hours to warm the house up (in Scotland) but, well, some you win, some you lose :-)
must be a plague on gas furnaces these days. a knitting buddy's has exactly the same (dangerous) symptoms. she's selling yarn like crazy to help buy a new one before it gets cold here.
i had to fight my fear of gas when we recently installed a new heating system on gas instead of oil. guess what.... i smelled gas, but wondered if i was paranoid.partner said it did not smell like rotten eggs. called the gas company and - it was a leak. gas turned off at the street, had to fix it etc. luckily this happened a few weeks ago while i was home and not when we were out for a few days.

back to hating gas.
hope lots of money coming in to pay for furnace.

maybe a new furnace color way? fireball??
Hmmmmm, that sounds a lot like the day my husband met me at the door after I had had a very LOOOOOONG day and said, "Guess what happened after I put out the fire in the dishwasher?"
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