Saturday, October 18, 2008


All Is Well

I spent two days doing the furnace dance with Bruce the Repairman. He's a bit of a redneck and seriously right-wing and really I can't see us ever being friends, but he fixed the furnace and made sure that we weren't going to die from carbon monoxide poisoning, and that counts for a lot.

Because of having to sit shivering in the cold, cold house for two days while doing the furnace dance, I wasn't able to get to the post office, therefore not only am I not at Rhinebeck but neither is my yarn, about which I am doubly bitter.

One thing, and one alone, has made it possible for me to endure the last two days. Make sure you go to the bathroom before you read this.

If you're one of the "losers who didn't go to Rhinebeck this year" I guarantee it'll help.

Another loser who has never gone to Rhinebeck here.At least you have the excuse of being all the way across the continent, I'm just in the next state. You're right--that did help. Thanks.
heh, it did help and thank you.
Am I a double loser because I've never gone to Rhinebeck? (Neither has my yarn, for that matter). Unless a lottery win falls from the sky in the near future, I'm not likely to get there in this lifetime.
Loser here! Alas... It's a long and expensive way to go -- maybe next year. I'm sorry about your yarn not making it though, that's just wrong.
Okay - That redeems you for the irritating 6/foot thing
Out of work, chronically ill and out of money. Thank you - I REALLY needed that.

You're my second favourite rabbit.
Thank you for sharing that! For every crackhead em-effer, there's a witty person to offset them.

Loved it!
Losers Unite! I'm trying to convince myself that I am having WAY more fun sitting here with my arse on the couch refereeing the children than those Rhinebeckers - AND my sweater (if I actually made one) would be WAY cooler than all of theirs....
i'm a happy hoosier loser who couldn't afford rhinebeck, but carpooled 125 mi each way to a fiberfest in corydon, indiana's original state capital, and got a prime anecdote before we even left town.

scene: starbucks in the cool part of town, 6:20 a.m.

me: hi -- i need road trip fuel: a small pike half-caf and a venti pumpkin spice lattte, please.

sleepy barista: so where ya going.

me: to a fiberfest in corydon.

slightly less sleepy, puzzled-looking barista: a what? what do you do there?

me: take spinning classes, buy yarn, look at neat things people have knitted, buy fiber from sheep and goats and rabbits.

barista, suddenly less puzzled: OH, THAT kind of fiber. i was thinking of stuff like bran muffins.

yeah. i got out of there w/a straight face, but i kinda giggle every time i think of it.
I used to live where his girlfriend lives. I'm sure she's in law school.

He should try parking in a lot. I think there are some right there. Or else, he needs to accept the neighborhood and not leave his bike there. duh.

charlizeen at yahoooooooo
Now that rant almost made up for having never been to Rhinebeck. I don't see it in my near future either.

Pity you didn't make it though.

My furnace repair person could redneck yours into the ground and stink him back out with the constant cheap cigar smoke.
had you gone, you would have seen me. i was there, at tsock's place.
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