Sunday, September 14, 2008


Tempest in a Teapot

And a can of worms, too!

I suppose I should clarify yesterday's post before anyone else tells me what a terrible mistake I'm making.

I don't hate Canada. I love it and I'm very proud of this country, but I have to look out for my family's best interests and we really can't survive here right now. We're not intending for this to be a permanent move, but it's the best for us at the moment. I'm still going to say "eh" and "aboot" and all of those things you find so endearing (and which I swear I don't say).

We're going to move to either Washington State or Oregon. We have friends and family in Washington State and it's an easy hop over the border. My mother-in-law is close to retirement age and we've asked her to live with us after she retires. Having another adult in the house will make things easier for us, and not having to live in a cardboard box will make things easier for her. Win-win situation there. If and when we come back, she'll come with us (unless we've killed each other by then).

As for healthcare, my husband is Native. Aboriginal. First Nations. Indian. Whatever the current politically-correct term is. He has healthcare (that includes vision care and dental work) and my daughter will also be covered until she's 18. The band will also pay for his education so he can finally finish the degree he's been longing for for so many years.

As for the political climate, I must say that I don't much like the thought of living in a country that blows folks up as much as y'all seem to like doing. I've always voted in every election here and not being able to have my say when we're there certainly grates on me but like I said -- right now this looks like the best option.

We won't be rushing. Right now we don't have the loot to rent a new house, get a moving truck and so forth, but it'll be within the next year. This isn't a decision made in haste, but rather one that's been made after much discussion and weighing the options.

I'm still gonna need packing boxes though, dude.

Yeah it's crazy how much we pay for stuff that isn't as good as somewhere else. Pity that Canada has to be so damn great and so frickin expensive!

Best of luck with your move. The likker store usually has great boxes and if you move into a classy neighbourhood, you'll meet the neighbours right away once you start hauling likker boxes out of the truck.
Anything that brings you closer to me is aces in my book.
Are you sure? Remember, we elected Bush twice. And it is a good chance we will put Palin in the White House and she is wacko.

Double check on the taxes. I pay almost 30%. And no health care unless it comes with the job.

The Pacific NW is wonderful though. I love it here.
Well, if it gets you a helping hand with the Missy Moo, gets the husband finally done with his degree, and comes with good health care, I quite see your point. Things have been so tough chez Rabbitch these past several years that I've found myself wondering when you'd ever catch a break. I like it here, but I mostly benefit from everything that you're not getting a proper share of. (Make sure *you* get a good health plan in the States, though!) P.S. There are yarn stores to die for in the Cashmere/Wenatchee area, just over the mountains. Sara
oh my!!!!! maybe we can trade after november 4?
i am already wondering what to do. i don't think i can stand another term of this.
Sure come to the US as the second great depression begins. You'll be passing Francis and I as we move north.
It sounds like this is the best move for right now, eh? As for voting, won't Canada let you vote absentee? Because I'm all about the voting these days (except for the bit where we keep voting for the wrong darned people!!).

Ummm... I know this is pushy, but the linguist in me wonders, which Tribe? :)
I wouldn't have said anything yesterday that someone else didn't say before me. But in the end, you have to do what is best for your family. A few years ago one of my oldest friends uprooted her husbeast, two tots, and all their household critters & goods to leave the Southern California/L.A. lifestyle for a completely different life in Washington. Where they were able to afford a large 4 bedroom house, get decent-paying jobs, have the kids educated in good, safe schools, and go camping & hiking on the weekends. They have absolutely no regrets. I miss them terribly - but I am so happy for them.
I second the advice on the likker store boxes. Good sturdy boxes designed to transport gallons and gallons of elixir (or hooch, depending on your budget and preferences). For your larger packing needs, do a little dumpster diving behind the strip mall. And rolls of unprinted newsprint last forever and are the best packing material around. Can you tell I've moved a few times? At one point my attic looked like a frickin' liquor store.

Come on over the border, we'll be happy to have you. It's not perfect here either, as you know, but we do our best.

Mostly, I hope things improve for you and your family. Hard times are a real bitch.

LeighB in ATL
I second what Sara said. You have to look out for yourselves--other people's misty-eyed idealizations of your country be damned. I love Canada dearly, and have been known to say on more than one occasion "if so-and-so wins this election, I'm moving to Canada." But my husband is from India and feels none too sure about the weather up there. Besides, we might end up ditching both countries and moving to another continent. Anyway, the liquor store is a great idea for moving boxes. And if you have too much yarn to fit in your new place, I'm sure I can find it in my heart to give it a good home. ;-)
Honey, you have to do what is best for you and your family. Even if that means moving down here.

Although, if you do move down here, you'll be easier for me to stalk. ;^)
You need to do what will work the best for you and for your family. If the decision feels right (and you are a bright person who has obviously thought this through) then go for it.

I hate moving, though. I envy your adventurous spirit, but not the part where you have to pack. I'll think good thoughts for you and for the timely arrival of many boxes!

Frankly, we could use someone like you on this side of the border...
You know what state I vote for.
I completely see your point. I babble on about how much I miss Vermont but we left for economic reasons. We will absolutely be back one day but moving to CA was necessary in order to survive. You have to do what's right for your family - and if that brings you to WA or OR and gives me a better chance of getting to meet you some day, well so be it! :)

Good luck with whatever happens!
Welcome! I hope you have a better time of it here. Although, to be honest, my husband and I pay about 30% in taxes, don't get much of a say because politicians are politicians and all lie, and health care costs a fortune. But, be comforted, if you can, by knowing most of us don't like bombing, just the *#$&$!! powers that currently be. Anyway, all countries have good points and bad points, probably because people are people wherever they live. And we have such a varied and large population that you can always find lovely, kind, friendly people if you look for them.

Vicki in So. Cal.
and there are some great yarn stores in Washington!
You're serious! That is so cool. This is great, that you have a choice and see your away clearly. I've heard lots of good things about the Pacific Northwest. For instance, I think they have beer. Welcome, welcome!
Good luck with your endeavors. Are you dual citizenship?
Here's a refresher:

I'm not gonna tell you what to do.

All I will say is that it is good to live in a place you love, and good to be able to make ends meet.

This pumping the hurricane water out of the basement stuff is getting old, though - and I'm 90 kamillion miles north of the Gulf of Mexico!
You know, you are doing what you need to do. No one else can (or should) second-guess you. It'll be a pain, but if the move makes sense you gotta do it. It's an AFGO--"Another Freakin' Growth Opportunity".

But ditto on finding good health coverage for you. Believe me, you do *not* want to be without it, no matter how healthy you are.
Hey, it just came to me: your name is Glory.
Time comes when this is simply NECESSARY. Fortunately, *we* will still have access to you, as the innerwebs have these sort of virtual borders &c. I think it's 2008 that's got an extra dose of ITSUX, not just summer. COmin' to an end, though, we get a new start. In fact, Jews get a new year on September 29, if you want a fresh start before January...... and as far as our political scene, I admit to being a naive living history reenactor who writes children's stories (read "probably not much of a grip on reality) but I cannot believe that Mah Fellow Amurricans won't elect us a reasonable new prezzydint with a normal human VP. (Palin's only "plus" is that she's female, this is NOT government material.) I am sending you a nice virtual Bubbeh's Affectionate Pat on the Back, dear Rabbitch. You WILL prevail.
Best wishes to you. I hope it all works out. Canada is beautiful, but the U.S. is my home. So I welcome you.
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...u have my sympathy and I hope it meets all your best wishes to you all in the move and don't forget to breathe,,
I understand the "stretched to the very limit" feeling. I love our country, too, but have some serious issues. (Not the least being that I can't seem to get over Adrienne Clarkson and her 50 friends going to Finland, first class of course, on us. Bitter? Me?)
What I really wanted to say was that Canada will be a little poorer and I will be a little sadder when you go. Not an easy decision, I imagine. It's okay, though--you'll continue to blog wherever you are, right? We will continue to read/admire/support you.
I can't tell you how sorry I am that the US seems like a good option. We are falling apart here. And not in a good way.

I pay a lot for healthcare. If your hubby and daughter are covered what will you do? I think we are the same age and it costs a buttload to insure me, and I'm healthy as a horse. It's a buttload and my employer subsidizes me.

It's good that you can hang with family and help each other with housing - that's a plus.

I live in Oregon and I love it here. I don't want to leave, but if McCain gets elected you might want to reconsider, this place will go down the tubes faster than it is now.

I might have to move to Canada.
I don't think it's a bed of roses anywhere, but at least here in Saskatchewan we're out of the danger zone for earthquakes, hurricanes, really big waves, too much rain, and other natural disasters. Aliens tend to leave us alone when they're attacking earth (way too much space and not enough humans with which to bother)and if you don't mind the odd bug it's a pretty good place to hang out. You would be equally far from any place interesting, although Westjet is starting to recognize that we like to go places. Real estate is a bit pricey, but expected to drop in the next little while.

All that aside, if I had to move to the States, the Pacific Northwest would be my choice. A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.
Well, ya gotta do what you gotta do. I just moved back into my parent's house since I am having a hell of a time finding a job. Well a job that doesn't involve frying chicken or flipping burgers.

Good luck and keep in touch.
I've mulled this over a bit. I'd make the move. Tuition is really, really expensive. I need to go back and retrain. I looked into my last college -- two years $24,000. Ouch. Two of the three of you will get health care. You can shop for an individual insurance plan. I had to recently due to DH's job loss. We opted to pick up insurance from his old company for him -- mine (the healthy one) was an additional $500 a month. Having to shop that insurance for myself was actually a good, freeing experience -- in the respect of being tied down to a 9-5 because ooooohhmygoshIneedinsurance! Is it going to cover everything? Probably not. But weighing that against the tuition and free health care for the others, it will probably be a bargain.
We don't all like to blow things up. A lot of us want to move to Canada! But at any rate, good luck in your endeavors. I'm native american, and the free health care is really a life-saver. However, a few years ago, my tribe stopped insuring my children. You may want to check that out first. Good luck.
I know exactly where you're at. I love the US. Grew up there and spent the first 30 years of my life without ever living more than 3 hours drive from the hospital I was born at. Still miss a lot of things from home too.(I would sell an organ for a Krispy Kreme donut right about now. It's been 5 years.)

But when it came down to my family, I gladly packed up my shit and hauled my ass over the ocean with 6 suitcases and a 4 year old on a non-stop flight to Amsterdam. Almost 5 years later, we're in a fabulous place as a family, I've adjusted and I figured out just how strong I am. My son is now 8, happy as a lark, I'm able to think about starting my own deal doing something with yarn and I can now curse in 3 languages. Living in Europe fucking rocks!!!!

Best of luck with whatever you decide and you've got my thoughts.
Wow! Didn`t know Canada was so expednsive. And a move in the middle of a great depression is no jike. All the best with it, anyway !
I had no idea you were serious! Wow. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. How's that for an intelligent observation? Seriously though, best of luck~does makes sense.
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