Saturday, September 06, 2008



Well, not exactly, but I went to the mall today and I'm pretty sure I know why it's named that, now.

I don't shop, except for food or fibre, and this was my first time near any sort of retail establishment in years. I think that the most remarkable thing about it was that most of the people there seemed to have gone there on purpose. Some were even smiling. It felt like being surrounded by noisy bobble-headed aliens; very nasty.

I've spent most of the evening wandering about the house, petting yarn and speaking to it in quiet tones. I didn't eat any of it, but I feel much better now and am ready to start loading up the car for the Avalon Country Fair (which, you will note, clearly says "rain or shine" on the website).

If y'all are in South Vancouver any time tomorrow, I'll be there, little dye-stained hands and all. Don't be shy -- come say hello.

i hear you on malls. the closest big one to me is castleton square -- better known as "hassle-ton"

may the sun shine on your booth, your yarn and your little dye-stained hands (but not to the extent of a sunburn, of course!)

can't be there, but hello anyway from indianapolis, indiana, usa. i've been to vancouver & loved it. who knows -- if mcsame and mighty hunter sarah get elected, i may wanna MOVE there! (how does canada feel about long-term residence by "alien" retirees w/adequate income?)
Ewww, the mall- HORRORS!
Yeah...I had to go shopping for new shoes (necessity, not entertainment)...I despise malls with a loathing generally reserved for huge, hairy spiders. So you have my deepest sympathy. And congratulations for escaping without killing someone!
Yeurgh. Avoid the mall when at all possible. Shudder.

Have fun at the fibre fair! I wish I could come by...
ditto what ellen in indy said, although I think it's mcINSANE -- he really does have that reputation on capitol hill, and frankly to be labeled insane by that group is no mean feat. Oh, you lucky lucky Canadians. I've dreamed of becoming one of you for a long time.....

Hope the fair went well!

The mall. A lovely spot of paradise especially around Christmas.
Oh gods, you've reminded me that I need to buy shoes. Damn.
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