Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm Done

I'm so tired and so done.

This has been the worst summer of my life. I'm so tired.

I'm tired of having the government take 1/3 of my salary right off the top, so tired of paying 14% tax on everything I buy. So tired of paying right, left and centre for everything.

I pay for healthcare, but apparently to our government vision and dental care have nothing to do with health. I pay so that people can have their post-secondary education subsidized to the tune of 80%, but I'm too "rich" to get a loan for my husband to finish his degree. I pay for the postal service, but it takes longer for a package to reach its destination, if it ever does, than it would if I walked there. I pay for our transit service, but on Sundays I get one bus an hour, if it shows up at all.

So ... I'm done.

We're moving to the States as soon as we can afford it.

Oh Canada. You have failed me. Terribly.

Send packing boxes.

You might want to wait until after our election to decide that. Things here are pretty scary right now.

Kate - long time lurker
Typical - you decide to ship out, just as I am about to truck in?!

I don't recommend packing boxes. Right now, I am up to my bloomin' neck in them and it's awful.

By damn, you make the UK sound great by comparision - ngg, maybe I should start unpacking my boxes, put my stuff away and tell B that I'm not coming?!

Poo, too late. I already resigned and the house is up for let. Opps.

Surely Canada isn't that bad?

Oh honey. Is it truly that bad? Make sure you do your research, I don't know much about over the pond, but is the States much better? Here in the UK at least we have the NHS, which has its failings but well, they've stitched me up, X-rayed me, sent doctors out when I needed one, sent ambulances to the family when called upon and nursed the sick and dying, free of charge. Don't mention dentists and opticians though, but you can get some help from the NHS. If you're lucky :-) We pay a fair rate of tax, and you'll be paying for your higher education now (unless you're in Scotland, tee hee), but it is subsidised. We pay VAT on things, 17.5%, and fuel is over a pound a litre, so its not all good. Everywhere has its shortcomings I suppose, and Canada probably no worse than anywhere else. At least you get great snow :-) we just have lots of rain...
Wow, you usually don't hear it that way. xoxo
We would love to have you here, but wait until after the US elections, Bunny. We are going to hell in a handbasket if certain side wins.
Well, keep in mind that 45.7 million Americans have no health insurance, and many of the ones that do have really crappy insurance that doesn't want to pay for anything. Have you seen Sicko? You might want to watch it before you start packing.
As much as I'd love to have you on this side of the border, I'd wait until after November to see if you really want to move here.

I medical coverage over some? No bus services at all in most places over buses running late? (I mean even here in Baltimore, a fairly large metropolitan area, the bus service sucks.) Okay, our post office is pretty awesome.

But really. If McCain and Palin get in come November, I'll be thinking of moving to Canada.
Ay, chica, I'm sorry things have been so craptastic for you lately. But it ain't no bed of roses in the states, either. At least you have SOME health coverage in Canada and your property and car insurance rates are MUCH better. Also your schools, and believe it or not, your mass transit. Unless you move to an oasis like Portland, OR or somesuch, things are much more difficult here. And I'm speaking as someone who has lived in Canada, too. Before you give up on Canada utterly, how about Toronto??
hugs and hope it gets better starting NOW...
Best wait until after November to make that decision. We may be going to hell in a handbasket carried by a pig in lipstick.
... are you serious?
C'mon over! You can trade the Canadian system for the good old US of A system.

Here you can also have post office problems, tax problems, and medical system problems. We have a moronic president and his boot-licking cronies; they have gotten us into an incredibly expensive "war" that is gutting financial support for things the government ought to be doing.

Example: More and more doctors won't take Medicare patients because the federal government continues to decrease what doctors are paid. We've got to pay for a war instead.

We have greedy, shady politics on the federal, state, and local levels. We have the best government money can buy.

We have greedy businesses and greedy consumers, we have fewer and fewer American kids going to college, especially graduate school. Politicians and businesses and people want more and more. The bottom line rules, and instant gratification is the motto.

The nation just south of you is becoming a soulless gimme culture as quickly as it can.

You might really want to think twice about relocating. I know a lot of Americans who would like to move to Canada...
You are very special, lately all I see is people planning to leave the US and go live in Canada,,,

Did you check what are you going to get for your money in the states?

Also, if I was in your situation I would wait and see who wins here this November.

Good Luck :)
Texas will welcome you! We can use your talents and your knowledge, and we will make sure you get what you and your husband need!

The Land of Enchantment awaits you and your family. Nice people, great food, excellent weather--very little of that substance that falls from the sky...I believe it is called "rain", sometimes "snow". ;)

And there are knitters and spinners here who would love to have you in our midst!

If I can help in any way, e-mail me. And I did finish my kewl Revenge socks--thankyouverymuch!

Have you read the news? This morning, in the state between awake and actually getting out of bed, I was thinking about who will write the "Rise and Fall of America".

Not to discourage you, I actively support fiber immigration. Maybe we can change places. If the election doesn't go as I wish, I'll be looking for somewhere else to live (with my head hung in shame for my country).
Oh, sweetie. That doesn't sound good at all! Being broke and stressed sucks snake eggs. I don't know that I'd recommend moving here (have you seen who's been nominated for VP lately?!), but if you're looking for a place to hide out in sunny SoCal for a while, come on down.
Welcome to the USA!

Here in Phoenix we don't have that pesky once an hour Sunday bus service. We solved the problem by having once an hour bus service on weekdays and canceling most buses on Sundays. Neither I nor anyone I know or work with uses the bus system.

Since you are already used to paying for health care you should have no problem adjusting to paying $5,000 to $10,000 a year for your health insurance here. Of course there are deductibles and copayments and your insurance must pre-approve any procedure you may need. I trust you and your husband don't have any preexisting conditions because if you do they will not be covered and in many cases you will not be able to get any health insurance. Limiting what and who is covered is much more cost effective and profitable than the universal national health care you have in Canada. If you want dental coverage there are plenty of dental insurance plans you can choose from but like in Canada dental is not covered by your health insurance plan.

Nobody in the US is too rich to get a student loan. The richer you are the easier it is to get a loan. Many are too poor to be eligible for a student loan. My daughter's yearly college tuition is about $39,000. No doubt that is much lower than the tuition your husband is paying for his education in Canada.

The minimum federal hourly wage is $6.55 so chances are quite high that you will be making a lower salary here but don't worry you can always get a second job to make up for the difference.

Remember that if you get pregnant there is no paid maternity leave and like the National Guard troops that are in Iraq when you are ready to return to work your position may be gone because it was filled by someone else while you were away.

It's so wonderful to pay only 1/4 of my salary in taxes instead of the 1/3 you pay in Canada. The bummer is that after I pay out of my pocket with after tax dollars for all the social services that are covered by your 1/3 taxes I am left with 1/3 of my paycheck.
I'm so sorry, sweetcheeks. You must move somewhere on the West Coast so we may get together. Washington, Oregon, and California are all beautiful (and you would be accessible to me - I can help you skein!). If there is anything I can do, you know how to find me.
Oh, Rabbitch!
Get some sleep.

Then if you still want to move, then you can probably arrange a house swap.
It sounds like you are down in the bottom of a deep dark ugly. I am sorry I can't do much to improve things, but I hope you have better days coming.

I hope you know that you often lift my spirits and sometimes have me rolling on the floor holding my sides. You have a unique slant on life and I love that you share it.
I'd take a look at the political situation in the U.S. before I left Canada if I were you.... not that we wouldn't be delighted to have you!
Hi Rabbitch, long time no talk. Both my States-side brothers say life is better there, but both of them have VERY good jobs with great benefits. I would face a very different situation if I moved. Run the most exact numbers you can before buying the packing boxes, okay? Sorry life is so dreadful. (Where are you thinking of going?) Sara
Rabbitch, I'm so sorry. All I can say is that I comiserate.

Might I suggest Alaska? We are mostly a lovely bunch, and there is high demand for wooly type things (by which I mean your fiber, not you). By the way, the political situation is no more or less fucked than it ever has been before. Fear not.
I agree with kate and anne.

things are so f-ed up down here right now. WE just might want to go north come november if mcsame gets in.

You've got a friend in Pennsylvania.
hmm. lemme see:

i pay 7% state sales tax on everything but groceries, meds and publications. restaurant meals are taxed 8% to pay for the football stadium that will be imploded later this month (while $25m still is owed on it). but at least we now have a $225m replacement for the first one -- and the team owner didn't have to contribute to it but gets a large chunk of the income. and there's a basketball arena and a baseball stadium, too.

i also pay 1% city income tax, 3% state income tax, 7.5% social security tax, and my "marginal rate" on federal taxes is 28% (some of my income is taxed at 15%, some at 21 and some at 28.) oh -- and then there's local property tax for police, fire, schools, libraries, jails, etc. that costs me almost $2k/yr.

and at the end of all that, i have NO health care entitlement. for that, i get insurance through my employer . . . for about $80/wk . . . and then have deductibles and copays to meet. our public transit sucks so badly i've ridden it maybe once in 40 years. our postal service is mediocre.

the state community (2-yr) college is about $3k/yr, but about $7500 for 2 semesters at the 4-year schools for in-state students. books and living costs also are high. my daughter got scholarships to a private college but still will graduate with $25k in debt and get a job that pays $40k to start. (luckily, nursing is in demand.)

and my state, indiana, is about average in tax burdens.

oh -- and we don't know how to drive on ice and snow, or how to get it off the streets.

and then there's the politics thing. whatever you may think of canada's leadership (i know far too little to comment on it) , at least your dollar isn't sinking like a rock and your country isn't blowing $10b a month on iraq.

but if you move here, you'll be welcome -- i'd love to buy your yarn w/o paying duty!
If you move here America will be that much funnier, which I support. But for the most part I have to go with the crowd who says to wait for til after the election.
I agree with everything you dsaid. Can I come with?
Funny...I'm threatening to move to Canada if the Palin/McCain ticket gets elected.

At least next summer, I'll be moving to bellingham...that's pretty and close to canada :)

When are you coming down for another visit?
I didn't even read comments, but I'll bet most of them say stay! There's a reason it's a little cheaper here. A terrible reason.
You know in some ways you're doing the right thing. We lived in Vancouver for 7 years originally from the UK. Life was great working in the movie industry then my husband lost his job and the fancy house in North Van had to go. We came back to the UK with its free healthcare and boy am I glad we did. When my husband somehow developed lung cancer hehad the most amazing care absolutely free, the kids had completely free orthodontic treatment, my son earns more than $12 an hour stacking shelves in a supermarket in his Gap year and the place we live in is beautiful. I loved Canada and have lots of fond memories but you know what it was expensive! DOn't lnow what life will be like in the States but I left Vancouver feeling like a poor relation and came back here to be better off.
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