Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Still here, still busy, still with too many emails ... I'll be back shortly.

While I get my shit together, why don't you watch this.

Make sure you have a couple of kleenex.


I love that video--thanks for the link to the full version. It is way too cool.

And--so GLAD you're back. May the ranting commence!

Or, you know, just keep in touch...we do worry when you're not posting.
Oh for crying out loud Janice, if you're not making me snort beverages out my nose then you're making me dribble tears into my breakfast. I love that about you. Anyways hang in there with the good chaos. I'll keep coming back for more.

thanks, ms bunnei.

hope you're dyeing happily.

ellen in indy
missed you again! I think I shall unsubscribe from your blog and then resubscribe cuz this just ain't fair!

Double oy. You really meant it about the kleenex. Thanks.
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