Friday, August 08, 2008


Never Apologize, Never Explain ...

Actually I'm doing both here.

I apologize for being absent.

The explanation? I got yer explanation right here.

Happening tomorrow. Drop by if you're in the neighbourhood.

Regular cussing and ranting will recommence next week.

Or not.

Very cool! We miss you, but no worries -- you're doing Big Fibre Things, and that's all good.
...Regular cussing and ranting will recommence next week.
O, I sincerely hope so! I check your blog before I go to work--really starts my day off right when you have a new post. And if there's anything left from the Pic-Knit (cute), will it be in your store?

I shared your rant about people who write in library books with my boss and I still have a job, so she must have liked it.

I'm nearly done with my Spring Dream socks and have a Revenge sock just past the cuff. Love the way the colors spiral. Now it's the weekend and I can KNIT (after laundry, housework, cooking, etc.)
I think that may be where I tend to go wrong. I have a deep and unsettling need to both explain and apologize whether I should be doing so or not. Should work on that...

BTW: I finally laid my hands on a copy of VK. I'm just giddy for ya!
I figured you were busy with Fibery things. That Pic-Knit sounds great! I'm sure you'll be a huge hit at it! I wish I could have joined you there. Some day...

charlizeen aht yahooooooo
We miss you. Come home. All is forgiven!

Yoo-hoo, where are you? Have you lost your ability to create inventive and hilarious compound curse words? Come back, you ass-ferret!
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