Sunday, July 13, 2008


Nibbled to Death by Dykes*

It's far more fun than being nibbled to death by ducks, let me tell you.

I'm back home after my weekend in Seattle. This weekend was just what I needed, and my family was so pleased and relieved that I actually returned that it seems to have set a fire under their asses. I have a new computer to set up as soon as I get the table in place -- Ben worked on it all weekend -- and there's much clearing and hauling of fibre and other things to be done.

Ryan is fine. Well, she's not fine but she's far finer than I expected, and she will be fine. Repairs are well under way.

And now to clean out an entire 10x11 room full of fibre. Apparently my daughter needs a new bedroom. I'll attempt a real post soon.

*(I told them I was going to trash all three of their reputations with one sentence -- did it work? I must clarify that most of the nibbling was done by E and L's new knitten, who repeatedly stuck his tongue up my nose. Oh yes, and their hamster hates me -- possibly because a) he's not a hamster, he's a hedgehog and b) I dumped water on his head.)

Now there's a post heading! Bound to reveal some interesting searches.
I think that happened to me once.
I'd say the reputation-ruining is also well underway ;) Alas that it was only kittens -- a bit of a let-down after that title!
Amusing title! I had to look twice to see that I didn't misread the post title from the other day! Hope you had fun!
That's so funny. Recently in a speech I covered, the woman played on the words "duck" and "dyke" -- and there was much rejoicing and laughter that the words came out right on the screen. Heh.
Stop it. Have you any idea how long it's been?

And I'm even straight. Heh.
Yay, our Rabbitch is back!

And I thought this post was going in a whole other direction ;-) Have fun with your new toys!
Um, I think that you trashed their reputations as much as you could by revealing that they were going to allow you to spend the night in their home.

Just sayin', dudette.
Oh, aren't we fancy with our "comment moderation". Moderate this (you'll have to use your imagination but my husband is of Italian descent so I know really good hand gestures).
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