Friday, July 11, 2008


Nibbled to Death by Ducks

I was reading a book once (yes, I read, shut up), I don't remember which one, and some dude had died (that really narrows it down for you, doesn't it?). I don't remember what was listed as the official cause of death -- syphillis, a broken heart, alien mind rays (the three are very easy to mix up) but someone said "I don't care if the death certificate says that he was nibbled to death by ducks, I know he died of (insert something else here)."

Anyhow, that explains the title. The phrase tickled my funnybone, and I've ever since wanted to have that listed as my official cause of death.

We shall not, however, be needing a death certificate this week. I'm busy but not deceased. Nobody in my family is ill, and my mother is on the mend. Enough so that she and dad are watching Her Surreal Highness this weekend while I tootle off to see some friends in Seattle, including Ryan, who very nearly was nibbled to death by ducks, or its equivalent, quite recently and who needs my love and support. Or at least that's what I'm using as my excuse for slacking off for three days.

I'm sorry I worried people -- I hadn't realized it had been more than two weeks since I blogged.

The writing mojo left. It was the last thing to go. The reading blogs went, the knitting went, the dyeing went and then the writing went. I've had a difficult time of late.

The knitting has re-commenced and I've been dyeing again. The blogs? Um, I think I have several thousand posts to catch up on. Please excuse if you start getting comments from April's posts.

Oh, and I'm writing again. See? Here I am.

Thank you all for caring. And now I'm off to Seattle for some serious slackage. I might have to buy yarn and roving, too while I'm there. You know, seeing I'm running out.

Shut up.

Let's you and I meet up somewhere and annoy some ducks to see if we can get them to nibble us to death. Cuz that would be the best EVAR.
Have fun with Ryan and please give her extra hugs from AZ.
Yay, she's back! I'm really not ready for you to be nibbled to death by ducks - glad you're up and running again.
1. I think I just read that book, too. Don't remember the title.

2. Tim Cahill has a hilarious book of travel essays called Nibbled to Death By Ducks. You should read it someday.

3. Give Ryan a hug for me, 'kay? I am way too far away.
Glad to see you are posting again. Nibbled by ducks? Hmm, I could see death by geese, but death by ducks, I just don't see it. You do realize that will lead to some very strange hits on your site. Will you report back about some of the searches? Always an entertaining portion of your blog posts.
I have been worried about you , and not just because most of my blog visitors come to me via your sidebar.

I think your writing mojo ran off with mine. Hopefully they are kicking ass, taking names, and writing it all down.
I hope you have a totally awesome time here in Seattle! It should be glorious this weekend. There's the Nordic Festival in Ballard if you have a craving for lutefisk or some pastries or other nummy treats. :) I hope to get to meet you one of these days.
Welcome back; I was beginning to worry! (And whine - I missed you)

Give Ryan a hug for those of us she doesn't know personally and if we were to run up and hug her ourselves she'd think we were creepy stalkers, but who care about her a lot, ok?

And have fun!
I'm glad you're still among the living. Please keep it that way and look out for ducks. Just in case. ;^)
Yep, it's the summer from Satan's ass down here in Texas, too. Glad to see you posted anyway. If it'll help, I'll do a rain dance for the return of your mojo!
bye for now
Slackage sounds like just the ticket! As does the purchasing of fibery stuff. Enjoy!
Nice to see you back dearest! Enjoy your weekend!
Glad to see you're still in the land of the living! Have a good time on your trip!
Get out to the Bon Bon on Bainbridge for a chili truffle... it hurts so good, and a ferry ride is always good for some serendipitous knitting. Have a great trip. And I'm glad the ducks didn't get you. C
Glad you checked in before you began slacking, it was good to hear from you. P.S. Have a good time.
Hey, good to see you again. WAS starting to wonder if it was time to send out the search crews and the St. Bernards.
Glad you've swum to the top.
Give Ryan a hug from me and have a good time.
I'm glad to see that you're still up and running, ducks notwithstanding. The Seattle trip sounds like just what the doctor ordered. As for stash enhancement, isn't that always needed (says the woman who just flew almost three pounds of roving and a spinning wheel home from New Zealand)(oops)? Write when you can -- we miss you!
Yay for slackage!
Yay!! Your back!! I'm so glad things are going well. Although I must admit that I cannot for the life of me picture you slacking!

Enjoy Seattle!!


charlizeen on yahhhhhhhooo
Oh darling ! As long as you're o.k.
I've always felt ducks to be a threat ...
Have a fab time. Do whatever feels [legally. 'ish] good. Then tell us about it.

But only if you want to...

Hey, THERE you are!

Seattle is a cool place to go for stash enhancement. Alas, the last time I was there, I was not so much a knitter.

Have fun, enjoy the slackage. Never mind the radiating envy coming from down here in California... :)
If you should see my writing mojo hanging out with yours, would you please send it south? Have fun!
Hey, welcome back!! You were missed! Glad you are taking some time for you though. And time with a good friend is always good (especially when you combine it with fiber!) Enjoy! I will be here waiting to hear about your fun when you return!
Please give Ryan the hug of a small person who hugs with the force of a thousand big people.

I.e., not the Princeton hug. That just will not do.

A hug for you, too, sweetpea :-)
glad you're back -- my 'puter missed your creative swearing!

ellen in indy
I see you writing! I see it!

I bought some purple variegated roving at an LYS recently. My mom says to me, "Why did you buy that? You don't need more!"

The woman has a ROOM FULL OF YARN and THREE FULL FLEECES plus lots more roving. WHO doesn't need more roving, Mom???

Yeah, I thought so.
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