Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I Am Scrod

Apparently the new Vogue Knitting has come out and I'm mentioned in it in Lee Ann's column (Made in Canada).

Yes, this is what I wanted but I thought it was coming out 2-3 weeks from now and I'm completely unprepared.

If you hear screaming, it's just me.

Store will be updated tomorrow and if anyone's been waiting for emails from me, I'll try to do that tomorrow too.

In between the screaming.


note to self: be careful what you wish for ... you might get it.

Congratulations! Do you actually have your hands on a copy? When I got my mention, I was going nuts - a month of lovely compliments about an article I. Couldn't. See.
Congratulations! I received my copy in the mail yesterday.
I read the article last night and I thought to myself, "Well she survived the Yarn Harlot related deluge, here's hoping she survives the VK." A very well deserved honor, congratulations!
Oh dear - I suppose congratulations are in order but if this means you'll be dyeing and skeining into the wee hours's a mixed blessing! But best wishes!
I wondered who that was. Nice to put a name to the screams.

I like your title. But I am surprised that a Pacific Northwestern Canuck knows what scrod is. I thought only Bostonians knew it. :)
Vogue Knitting is now on the shopping list for tomorrow. I will grin broadly when I read it and tell the cats that I "know" you. I will probably even call my mom. She doesn't knit anymore so you should be OK on that end of things.

When I'm done with all that, I will think good thoughts for high energy and mucho success!!! This is a good thing..honest!
your headline reminds me of a joke i love:

a guy from new england has been transferred to the midwest and misses the fresh seafood dreadfully. so when he flies to boston on a business trip, he jumps into a cab at logan airport and asks the driver, "hey, mac, d'you know where i can get scrod?"

the cabbie looks at him in the mirror and says, "buddy, i've been asked that question about ten thousand times, but you're the first guy who ever put it in the pluperfect subjunctive."

well, now that you've gotten what YOU wished for, i hope you'll be a very happy busy bunnei.

ellen in indy
Congratulations! Yeah, timelines in publication can be ... variable.
It's out! It's out! Off to the bookstore...

Congrats :) Time to stock up on valium.
Now, see I never knew scrod had anything to do with fish. Where I grew up, it had to do with the male nether regions. Learn something every day.
Congrats kid!
well aren't you all fancy pants.

clearly sucking up to lee ann has gotten me nothing. ;)
Congrats on the article! The kudos are well-deserved! You made it...BIG TIME!! Just glad that I got my "Revenge" before this one came out!!
I don't have my copy either, sweetie, and I wrote the column...

I'm figuring it must be those Poste Canada ponies, tied up somewhere while their riders snarf down a few lagers at the local strip joint, because I never get it until everyone in the US has seen it for a few weeks already.

Maryse needs to move to Canada.
Little strumpet rabbit, Ya never call, ya never write.

Lee Ann, I thought everyone knew that Canader Postage used donkeys, little wee tired old donkeys that are on pension.
I saw the write up in Vogue and yeah, you are "scrod". Congrats
You are "scrod"? Humph. I am scunt!

Oh, and hello, darling wabbitch. Been awhile, eh?
I didn't recognize your real name at first but when I did I was so impressed. Congratulations. :-)
Congrats! A couple days late, but the nearest store that sells the mag is like a 40 mile round trip -- just to read about your good news because I absolutely can't manage any of the knitting. :)
Congrats!!! And happy screaming ;-)
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