Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My Mummy

My mum's in the hospital -- she had major surgery yesterday.

She's fine -- nothing malignant, just a few small repairs -- she's already been up on her feet for a few minutes and when I saw her last night at five she was high as a weasel on demerol, quietly spooning green jello into her left ear.

She was alert enough to refuse to drink the swill they called tea. She said "that's all very nice, but I really don't want something that's been steeping since 9am."

They're really good at patient care there, but the tea is unspeakably bad. There was also no paper in the bathroom, no washcloth and no towel. I do so love the cutbacks, don't you?

All of the things I've said about her? They're true, from my perspective. But she's still my mummy and the only one I've got, so if you could possibly spare a good thought or two I'd appreciate it. She's got about six weeks of recovery ahead of her and I suspect after about two more weeks she'll be irritating as fuck. I know I would be. And will be.

Send good thoughts and strength in our direction if you would; otherwise one of us is almost sure to strangle the other.

Sending 'good thoughts', but wishing I could share my xanax stash with you. Better living through chemistry and all that rot. I hope all is going well, and that you make it to the hospital before someone gives your mom oatmeal... that shit dries like glue and would be murder to clean from unintended orfices.
Hugs, love, thought & prayers.

May the FSM bless the folk who provide health care.

When my dad was in St Paul's for bypass surgery about 2 yrs ago, there was a dust bunny under his bed that surpassed those found in my home. And that's saying something. But he got great care, and has survived to become yet again the person he always has been (it was cardiac bypass, after all, not personality....).

All best to you & your mom.
Candles will be lit for you and your Mum, and the both of you are in my prayers.
I have this feeling that if she survived your childhood, surgery is a walk in the park. I hope she enjoys the jello. :-)
Good thoughts incoming from the UK. Due to the capricious nature of world winds, they could take some time to arrive...

...with any luck, they'll time it to arrive with you at the 4-6 weeks irritation breaking point - thus enabling you to break out of your choke grip on each other and enjoy another gently steeped cup of tea in peace and quiet?!
Family - can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em! Doesn't mean you don't love them. All the best Rabbitch's Mum, I hope you recover really well and quickly.
Hope she's on the mend! Healthy thoughts are on their way. xx
Oh, I'm there. I have a soft spot for mothers in distress, no matter whose and no matter how pain in the ass.
Hugs to you and your Mummy!
If I send you good thoughts and strength, you're not going to use that strength to strangle her, are you?

I'm glad she's doing well enough to know the tea is crap. And I do send good thoughts and strength; just strength used for good, mkay?
Oh gods - I remember a few years ago when my mother was in the hospital - that was the most extreme stress I've ever known. Starting from the call to my cell as the paramedics were carting her off to Emergency!

All my best wishes to your mother for a lightning fast recovery, and to you for surviving the whole experience with your strength, sanity, and stomach lining intact!
You got it. Best of luck to both of you!
Oh, you got 'em, all right. Even with non-infuriating parents, the frequent-flyer hospital run is no joke. I'm on it these days too, intermittently, as are so many people I know. Hang in there, both of you.

Green jello in the ear - bad. Srsly, just read "Hamlet."

And on a more cheerful note -

How was the fair, fair?
Didja sell a lotta stuff there, there?
Luck and love to both of you. A mum is a mum and no matter what, she's still all that to you. Sending love and lots of good thoughts to you both.


Could you smuggle in a hotpot or in-cup water heater and a teabag for your next visit? If you bring them with you every time, it could make visits pleasanter for both of you.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...
All Mama's need good thoughts. I will add you and your mom to my good thoughts list.

As for the washrags...hey you make better than they could provide, anyway.
I hope your Mom heals quickly and well, for both your sakes. I'm glad she's all right after the surgery. Good thoughts for both of you.
Anti-strangling and other good thoughts winging their way through the ether in your general direction.
I wish I could be your mom's nurse - since I was spared being MY mom's when she was the resident bitch in the hospital.

You will both probably survive, but it may be years before you can laugh about it.

Good thoughts on their way.
my good thoughts are all yours, share them if you want. best of luck on the road to recovery - for you both.
Sending good thoughts (and strength) to you and your mom. May she heal quickly (for both of you).
Healing, happy, non-violent thoughts to your mom and you. I hope she has a speedy, boring recovery.
I have PLENTY of spare good thoughts to send your and mummy's way. xoxoxo
get-well wishes for your mum and get-through-it-ok wishes for you are winging their way west even as i type.

the green jello reminded me of when my son, at 10, had to have a big skin graft. as soon as they got him back to his room, he asked for jello, the closest thing to solid food that he was allowed that day. then more jello, please. and, please, nurse, may i have MORE??

finally, after about 10-12 cups of the stuff, he had exhausted all the jello the 2 pediatrics floors had, and was ready to go to sleep. (bet your mum won't beat THAT!)

as for tea, i suggest taking her a lovely (and unbreakable) thermos of it on each visit, doctor permitting.

-- ellen in indy
Pumping out the healing vibes as fast as I can. Your poor mum, nothing but green jello to spoon in her ear. They could at least have provided mixed fruit jello! Was it an emergency situation? Of course you'll want to strangle her, she's your mum! Been there, burned the t-shirt.

Don't even touch the coffee at my hospital. It contains caffeine, and they think thats enough.

However, if there's the need, I can send tea if necessary. And well wishes.
Family. Gotta love em cause it's illegal to kill em. All my best thoughts to you girls. Glad everything will be OK (healthwise anyway)
I wish your mother a speedy recovery and better tea, and I wish you patience and plenty of knitting. Good luck to you both.
If it was like the hospital food I had when my son was born, her left ear was probably the best place for it. (How can they DO something that unspeakable to eggs?)

I'd love to send her a set of handtowel and washcloth marked, "STOLEN FROM PATIENT MOM RABBITCH." It would be my honor.

My best to you both. I hope the Fest went well.
I'm burning sweetgrass and wafting good thoughts and tranquility your direction -- the jello reference reminded me of this: Man walks into doctor's office; he has a banana in one ear, a carrot in his nose and a weinie over his other ear. Doc takes one look at him and nodding, says "You're not eating properly."
Sending many good thoughts to you and your mum.

Good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts strength strength strength strength strength...
Sending good thoughts for your mom and for you!
Best wishes for quick healing to your mum, and for a total lack of strangle-age for both of you!
Sending healing thoughts to your Mum. And hugs to you!
a bit behind, but the good thoughts are still as good. Hope things are going well.
OMG! I don't know how I missed these posts of yours. I'm so sorry I've not been in contact. You've been so amazing to me and so very. very supportive, I feel terrible that I was out of the loop.

I'm glad to read that she doing well. And I'm so upset that I didn't know about it sooner.

This is in a comment instead of an e-mail because I can't remember which e-mail is the good one.

Sending you lots of love and support. And perhaps even something tangible. Yep, this week it will happen.

Big hugs to you and your family.

charlizeen on yahoooooooooo
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