Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's A Beautiful Day

We went to the woods again today. I realize that the last post was also "today" but it was Monday when we went up to Lynn Valley Headwaters.

Today we just went down by the river near Bridgeman Park and walked about and skritched dogs and got licked and jumped on and we were all muddy and spitty by the time we left. No pictures this time, alas.

It was just E and me and I can't think of more fun that two girls could have on a semi-sunny afternoon. Well, I suppose I could but it involves unrelated girls and liquor and we're just not going there today, mmkay?

Buncha perverts, you are.

One of the good things was that we met another local artist who was pretty much smothered in Frenchies (two) and Pugs (three) and one slightly bewildered but good-natured lab. We talked for quite a while -- she makes nice stuff. I'm coveting some of her earrings even though I'm not so girly any more. I still wear earrings, though. Maybe next week ...

Bad, bad rabbit.


Don't buy the blue ones, I want them.

The last time I treated myself to something blue, it had a mop attached to it. Le sigh...
All the blue ones? Or just the stunning green and blue lampwork swirly ones? Because I might wrestle you for those.
ahem, there are lots of 'blue ones' on her site, ya dork. which ones am I not supposed to buy again?
I like the aqua and green ones. And the green ice ones. And ooh, the amethyst ones!
What a perfect day. Dogs and walks are about as good as it gets. And it sounds like you're finally getting a little bit of that most precious of commodities -- time! Enjoy :)
Darn, that artist does have some nice stuff! Thanks for the heads up -- I think. ;-)

Glad you had a nice walk in the woods with E. What a wonderful way to spend the day!
Goodlord, and now I covet her sock monkey tote bag. Dang you.

One tote bag and one pair of earrings later ...

Oh well, at least I'm supporting the homeland. Thanks for the linkage to that wonderful shop. :)
WHICH blue ones? Hmmmmmmm????
Evil, evil Rabbit. I am now awaiting the arrival of lampworked jet and amber earrings. She does make nice stuff- and I didn't get the blue ones.
Ooh! Rabbitch called me a pervert!

It is> a beautiful day.
Wicked Rabbitch! I'm a bag and wristlet richer. And way less money than they SHOULD cost poorer.

Poor doggies will go hungry now but I will be fabulous!
Not so girly? Dangly earrings like those will be faboo with your short hair. so there.
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