Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Picture. Worth Thousand Words.

i can has car
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Therefore I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

Too busy to write much -- back soon, I promise.

Oh, and I can has car. 1994 Nissan Altima. More kms on it than you can imagine (366,671 I do believe - 227,839 miles for those of us who are of the non-metrical persuasion). Drives well. Smells like wet dog.

I am in lurve. And on wheels.


Hooray! Rabbitch can haz car! Good thing that something is going right in the universe.. congrats!
Double woot!! You've got wheels, girl -- time to rock and roll! Life is good...
Oh, and do you happen to have every second Sunday afternoon off and would you be able to drive that car to the Grind to meet up with likeminded individuals (hmm, maybe I should clarify - likeminded about yarn)?

Thanks for the invite, Marina, but alas and alack, when I have a Sunday off I go and knit with the boys at the West End Gay and Lesbian Centre or whatever it's called. The Ravelry group is bad timing for me.
woohoo you have a car - the world better watch out now!
Mileage, not so bad. For it's age it should have about 300 k. The wet dog smell, however, is another matter.

A mobile Rabbitch. What could possible go wrong?

Leslie - knitting therapist
And it's a very nice looking car.

Based om personal experience I can tell you that spilling a bottle of soy sauce on the carpet will take care of any other smells in the car.

Did your verifier software read my latest post referring to my dying K key? It just gave me a CAPCHA with 3 Ks.
Wait, does this mean no more late night/early morning rides on the bus where you meet such interesting people? You mean you can go to work, go grocery shopping, take Ellie here and there without wheeling and dealing rides? Oh dear, what WILL you do with all that time saved??

oh sweet FSM, the rabbitch haz car...the other drivers better watch out!

place some charcoal briquettes in the car to absorb the smell. or some crumpled newspaper. my BIL did both and it worked for his car.

congrats, girl! quit the assweasel job, selling fiber, now a car...what's next I wonder?????

PS - my word is "ygufsobn"; s o b (bwhahahahahahaha)
Niiiice! The only bad things is, there goes the commuter knitting. But you'll never be dragged through the streets by your dad again ;-)
Yeah, babee! Now all you need is a hanging air freshener in the shape of a pine cone!
Yay! a Rabbitchmobile!
Hooray for Rabbitch-car.
Now you are truly a (rab)bitch on wheels!

...and as a card carrying member of the Stabbity Sisters, you now have a means for a quick getaway!

It's beautiful!
Yay!! Wabbitweels! With its mileage would it be the Altimutt?

The soy sauce comment had me snorking like a fool.
Fantastic! And I happen to love that car -- a friend has it. w00t!!
Once you've got wheels, the world is your oyster! Roll down the windows and feel the wind in your hair! (this will also help with the wet dog smell, I would imagine...)

Holy cripes, it's got that many kilometers on it, and it looks that good? Is that, like, Botox for autos?
ooohhh - pretty! Freedom! Excitement! Yay!!!
Yay for bunnies with wheels! I bet that car will keep going for another 100000K (but hopefully it will stop smelling like dog). Isn't it a matter of time before it starts smelling like yarn?
So glad you are now a rabbit with wheels! Yippee!
Now u can haz cheezburger... from the drive thru!

Catching up again...
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