Friday, April 04, 2008



Isn't that a useful word?


That's what my head has been doing this week as I recover from the cold that started making itself known during the kick-ass concert on Monday night.

I'm now at the point where I sound like a coal miner (with all the hacking) and my nose is sort of bright red and peeling.

It's very sexy. Very, let me tell you.

The thing that startles me the most is that my head can hold that much snot. I mean, when you run through the fourth box of tissues, you'd think that you would have emptied out pretty much anything there was to empty, no? Not so! I'm here to tell you that the head, or at least mine, apparently has an infinite capacity for snot-manufacture.

I may have found the secret to ... um ... perpetual something or other. I'm sure if I could think clearly that I'd come up with some amazing scientific theory, however the dextromethorphen in the cough syrup, while allowing me to have lovely restful sleep filled with interesting dreams, is also keeping me in a bit of an alternate universe here, one filled with talking llamas and mounds of sock yarn.

Oh. The sock yarn isn't a fantasy. Crap.

I've been at work a few days (I thought I should share the illness) and have also been toddling off to the post office most days to ship out at least a few packages. I seem to have lost my wedding ring, so if anyone gets an unexpexted "extra" in their package if they would please send it back, I would greatly appreciate it.

(WTF? Who loses their wedding ring and then wonders if they've mailed it to Utah or something?)

It's far too dangerous for someone as hot as I am, what with the red, peeling nose, to be wandering the streets without a wedding ring. You'd be performing a public service.

And now I'm going to get back to reading the newspaper, drinking coffee and pooting about on Ravelry working hard for my money.

You gotta love the graveyard shift.

I have often wondered as well, how my head can hold and produce so much goo as I like to call it. I work in a hospital and I have asked nurses how that can be and it is amazing how easily that question grosses out nurses. LOL And I'm not a nurse. Hope you feel better soon.
I can totally relate - I have it too.

Oh, and spinnergirl? The question grosses doctors out too! :)
Perhaps inspiration for a new colorway???
Oh so you're sending out free cooties with every fiber order? That's just so sweet of you!

On that new colorway? Would you be matching it to the snot from your nose or the mucas you cough up? Just wondering! (And doing my bit to share and pass on the grossness of it all.)
I guess I'm not the only one thinking that the next batch of yarn will be named something like, "Snot Clot," or "Peeling Red..."
OMG, the title should have been oozing and losing. Now we know we can't take you anywhere. Can't even leave you at home. I do hope it turns up fast.
Maybe it's something going around... I lost my ring a week or so ago, too. Not, unfortunately, in a box. Dang, those things are expensive to replace.

I read that back in the 16th century there was a dyelot called "Sick Spaniard". Maybe you could do a "Sick Canadian".
I'll be sure not to lick my order when it arrives.

I've been battling a cold, and I have to say that gargling with warm salt water and doing the neti pot have really seemed to cut it shorter than usual.

Well, I'll let you know when I stop coughing, but for a bad cold, I seem to have gotten fairly lucky.
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