Monday, April 28, 2008


If Someone Would Please Explain ...

... how I got dye on my ceiling, I would really appreciate it.

I dye stuff in the dining room. The dye is on the living room ceiling. It is black (the dye. My ceiling was white).

Oh, and if you could also explain how I managed to forget to go to work today, that would be nice too.

Thanks In Advance.

I've got nuthin' on the dye on the ceiling...

But forgetting to go to work? That is priceless.
I once went to work on my day off. Since it was the opening shift at a coffee shop, I was unimpressed.

Also, when I was 3, Mom made candied mint leaves. Apparently I got mint-candy-goo into the light fixtures on the ceiling. Since I am not now, nor ever have been, a gecko, it has remained one of those timeless family mysteries.
No, seriously? You forgot to go to work? That's my all-time worst nightmare; I dream about forgetting to teach a class that I am supposed to be at. It's not pretty.

Dye on the ceiling, eh? I got nothing for you, except to suggest that you are an exuberant sort of person, and maybe that shows up in your dyeing practices?
Hmm - Forgetting to go to work - did you forget your morning coffee? Re the dye, have you been sneezing while dying? :D
I aspire to get dye on the ceiling. For me, it's normally water from the pressure washer (for cleaning wine bottles).

Probably needed a paint job, or at least a good wash anyway, right?
Congrats on the upcoming Vogue Knitting article! I can't wait to see it!

Hope the rest of your day got better.
Mom got grape juice on the ceiling - all over the kitchen, really - when the jelly bag fell off the hook.

Forgot to go to work? Oops. Call in sick, get some sleep, clearly you need it.

Good luck with the article!
Sweetie? The UNIVERSE IS TALKING TO YOU. I swear, you need to listen. Slow, slow, my sweet bunnygirl.
hehehehehe no suggestions here, but an amusing snippet. When I clicked over to your blog, GoogleBlogger popped up a screen saying words to the effect of "you may find the content of this website objectionable" and two clicky buttons, one for "hey, I'm a grownup and I think I can deal with the word 'fuck' on occasion" and the other saying something like "help! help! objectionable Canadian knitblog! Run for your life! Aargh! I may be offended!"

WTF????? Did you click something?
It's not dye. It's ink from where someone's pen exploded. (Or a pen got tossed up there). Round up the usual suspects and question them.
Once I got chocolate on my parent's kitchen and dining room ceilings... The problem is they are so tall that without a ladder no one can get it off, so the chocolate spots are still there as a proud mark of my stupidity in making a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Hmmm, more importantly, what is IN that dye? Maybe it is causing memory lapse ;-)
There's a secret ingredient in dye that allows it to splatter places it shouldn't reach. Honest, it's happened to me.

As for forgetting to go to work, been there, done that. You just had more important things to think about--or were very, VERY tired.
Forgetting work - I don't think my fallback explanation of having no schedule will work, as I have no schedule because I don't work. Probably due to some psycholological thingy.

Dye on the Nope, the "chicken and dumplings on the ceiling pressure cooker explosion" excuse won't work for that one, either. Sorry, I'm no help today!
I'm going with "alien abduction."
Eh, it happens *shrug* (forgetting to go to work). For a good hour and a half on Sunday, I was convinced it was Monday. Discovering it wasn't was like being given a gift.

Maybe the dye mygrated. ;-)
Squirt squeeze splash?

As for forgetting to go to work, clearly you had better things to do.
Well, if it is from my yarn, it was worth every splatter.... it is gorgeous and I thank you.
I was going suggest wine on the ceiling until you said it was black. So maybe not. How did you come to notice a little spot on the ceiling?
The work thing might be lack of a daily schedule. Somehow I prefer forgetting to go over going when you aren't scheduled, but I may have my priorities wrong. So you're busy and having fun? I hope.
It was divine intervention by FSM (did I get the right letters?), because you know how there are some days you really don't want to go to work but you force yourself to get ready, the whole time really not wanting to go, and then you go. But a block from home you realize you've forgotten something you needed, and then someone squashed you on the bus, and then you spill your coffee either all over your desk, or if you have an important meeting all over your skirt. And every time these things happen you think "I knew I shouldn't have come in today." And you look at the clock at it's still not even lunch time. (Or in the case of your out-of-home work schedule, dinner time, or bedtime or whatever you call your breaks when you work the night shifts and the double shifts.) Well, that's why you forgot to go, the divine FSM saved you from that kind of a day.

And, based on what I saw on Ravelry, now everyone understands that it is only the brilliant and talented YOU who creates revenge and other gorgeous colourways,* so maybe you can stress a little less? That's just me hoping for the impossible, but it looks like FSM is on my side. (Gee, I really hope I got that right since I used it 3 times and never did figure out what it stood for).

*spelled in Canadian for you. (And because I do think it looks better your way.)

charlizeen at yahooooooooo
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