Monday, April 07, 2008


If Not Flying Hamsters, Then ...

... how about some Human Tetris?

Dude, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I'm pretty sure it's not just the cough syrup, either.


The last 3 seconds or so cracked me up....

Thank you! You made this grey and dreary monday a lot better!
Now there's a game of Tetris!
No, it is NOT the cough syrup!! My husband and I found this a few weeks ago, and just about died laughing!
Ever since I saw that about a year ago, I've had this immense desire to do it. It looks fantastic.
I don't know if the wheezing noise I'm currently making counts as laughter, but that was teh funny!
Oh, I SO needed that! Do you think I could convince my colleagues to play -- cause it makes me so happy to visualize them falling in that water! :)
So funny! Thanks a lot!
Only thing is, Knitting Linguist, that doesn't look so much like water to me.
I better not try that one as I am well known to getting addicted to tetris in any form,,, hehehehe
OMG! That is so wild.

Sorry you're sick. I think being sick in Spring is the pits. Of course, it's not Spring, yet, where you are, is it? How much warm weather do you GET in that winter wonderland in which you live?

You get too much winter. We get too little. Maybe we should swap houses sometimes.
I am sitting here getting weird looks from my grandkids as I hoot and snort. They think Grammy has flipped - again.
Shit that's funny!
My coworkers are wondering if I'm laughing or imitating a pig as I try to suppress the giggles. Thanks for sharing! Hope you get better.
you realize you made my 15 year old stop watching mythbusters long enough to see this?

I asked myself before I clicked 'Do you really want to do this? You could die!' Die from laughter! I did not die but I do feel very much alive and revitalized! I love that they're all so earnest!
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