Saturday, April 05, 2008


A Further Ode to Cough Syrup

As I sit here, reading crap on the interwebs working hard and occasionally glancing into the mirror on my right and wondering when personal hygiene became an option (really, a comb, people!) I find myself amused by little things.

This, for instance.

Hold your cursor over the picture. A word-bubble-thingie pops up. I made a sort of hooting noise out loud at work. I think it was laughter, but one can't be sure these days.

There's a reason it's best I work alone.

That's pretty awesome. Oh, and not that it matters, as you clearly got your point across, but the text that sometimes pops up when you mouse over pictures is called "alt text." It's just short for alternative text. :) I thought you might like to know.
um, yes. I just spent an hour going through Softer World's website. Thank you for your link. GA, where I am, if you stand still too long you get a yellow film of pollen. I am also easily amused in my alergy medicine haze. I may have found my next pillow's cross stitch saying from there.
Are you laughing at the toes thing? I did, it was funny.
Yep, just what I needed. Another internet time sucker.

I want some of those on T-shirts.
Oh, no, don't tell me the Zombie Cold is spreading via the internets!

We, too, are at the stage where a laugh is a peculiar wheezing noise.
Yo, Bunniedude, can you let me know what your schedule is lately so that I can call? or e-mail me? or sumpin?

thx (or if you are French, tx, because they can't do the th thing.)
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