Saturday, April 19, 2008


A Cry For Help

Does anyone have any pictures of my Revenge colourway, not shrunk? My camera seems to only take pictures in 72dpi, which is fine for blogs and such but not so good for what I need it for (yes, I'm being mysterious, but I'm not sure if I have permission to talk about it).

What I need is needs a print size of no smaller than 4 x 4 inches, 300 dpi.

Oh and seeing I'm asking for miracles, I need it by tomorrow at the latest.

If anyone can help, please drop me a line at teh.bunnei at gmail dot com. I shall think of some sort of outrageous brible to offer in return.


edited to note that i am offering a bribe, not a brible. WTF is a brible? I suppose if you want one of those instead I could find one. I have almost everything else in this house ...

I think a "brible" is what you call it when you bribe someone with a bible.

good luck with that.
Oops - got distracted by that last bit of your post :)

meant to also say I hope someone can help you with the photo...surely someone will come through? Crossed fingers here!
Perhaps a brible is when you bribe someone in a "Biblical" way. Wink wink nudge nudge, knowwhatImean?
Alas, I have no such photo. 'Cause I must admit to being rather tempted by the thought of a brible all for my very own.
maybe a brible is bribing someone with horse tack? (bridle, lol). no piccie, sorry. have you checked with stephanie?
I believe a brible is not unlike a farkulator. Hope that helps!
Brible is when you offer it to a tribble.
Nahh, 'brible' is just a little bribe.

Hope you got your pic...

Heh - you've gone South American, did you know? Verification is "oaxzlas." Somewhere southeast of Tenochtitlan, I think.
I recently put up a pic of Revenge in my Ravelry stash. I'm ChickKnits, check it out, and if you still want it/need it, let me know and I'll be happy to send you an uncompressed copy.

A "brible" is clearly a bauble employed as a coercive.
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