Saturday, April 19, 2008


Be very scared

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Well, it made me gigglesnort, especially seeing I'm heading over the border on Monday.

Be afraid.

Mooses are very scary. Everyone underestimates mooses. We had a moosie show up here at the beach a few years back. We have moose in Maine. Just not usually wandering around at the beach...
Given the state that the Air Force down here says our planes are in, I'm pretty sure the moose could take that plane.
So that's what happened to the Royal Canadian Air Force.
I knew you Canadians had some plan for invading southwards! My sister got bit by a moose once...
Well, I'm certain the Moose has more brains, judgment and better all around skills than the president of my now pathetic country, otherwise know as the usa.


charlizeen on yahoooooooooo
yeah, i'm leaving my e-mail. So please don't clutter up this blog with your sad attempts to defend that drug addict (no offense to others who might be drug addicts), dumb fuck and lazy shit of a "president" who rigged two elections to get into office.

Rabbitch, I apologize. But today has already been so awful.
love to you bitchbunny
I am scared of moose. es:

Big rig misses one moose, but second one not so lucky
The Associated Press

HEMATITE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A truck driver is assessing the damage to his rig after he avoided one moose in the road only to strike another on the Upper Peninsula road in Michigan.

State police from the L'Anse post say Jerrold Micolichek was traveling north on U.S. 41 in Iron County's Hematite Township early Friday when he saw the first moose on the right shoulder.

A second moose came from the left shoulder as Micolichek maneuvered to miss the first one. Micolichek wasn't hurt, but his rig sustained major damage.

The moose was killed. A state wildlife officer in the county took possession of the carcass.

That was a semi.
I drive a leetle Honda!
hopefully we closed the borders, or built an electric fence, or...

oh yeah, we are doing that on the OTHER border.

we are still letting nice canadians enter, aren't we? just don't ask for a work permit - this govt. is looking for ANY excuse to deport "illegal aliens".

have a good time whilst here, rabbitch!
I always knew to respect the Canadians and never ever diss hockey in their hearing. One moose would squoooosh my Bright Red Bug.
Rabbitch! You made it to Third Place Books to meet the Yarn Harlot! *squee*

I was all kinds of despondent about not having made it, but now I feel rather elated, because MAN I would have been wretchedly suicidal had I discovered after-the-fact that I'd been there, not known you were there as well, and missed an opportunity to meet you in person! So it looks like it was a good thing I didn't make it after all, eh? :)

ToadyJoe (fellow Tsock Flocker)
SOooo, I'm just wondering... what did you do to to warrant (possibly) being re-named after the goddess of chaos and destruction? It must've been some after-party. Cami
Nice picture of you on Stephanie's blog, hope you had a great time.

I know this is totally off topic, but I just saw your pic on the Harlot's blog with the 'broken' Addi Turbo needle(s). I 'broke' a $30 set of mine [big honking set, sz 17US w/a 60" tube/cord, great for afghans!], tried repairing them, emailed the company [which was in BC], sent them the needles, and they replaced them [even though they were purchased in Toronto] in less than 10 days. If you email them [Google it to get the info] and tell them what happened, I'm sure they will be just as awesome with you.
Happy Knitting!
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